Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 5 review


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 5 finally concludes a cliffhanger that began at the start of this new story arc. Here is our review of the story. Beware of  spoilers coming ahead!

The issue we had waited for since the beginning of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is finally here. Back in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 1, we found out that Aunt May had cancer and was dying. In this issue, Aunt May finally reveals her condition to Peter.

The shock to Peter

Peter says that he has seen men and women, yet even gods fall down. But Aunt May has been the strongest for him. That is true. Ever since Peter Parker/Spider-Man has been created, Aunt May has always been there with him no matter what. Peter loved Aunt May so much that he sacrificed his marriage with Mary Jane to save her life. The fact that Aunt May is dying changes Spider-Man in total and it would. Fans have called Aunt May immortal, while some say she gotten younger as the comics have evolved. But as of this issue, everything changes.

One thing about Peter is that when he has a lot on his plate, he likes to become Spider-Man and swing around the city and fight crime, just to clear his head. The comic shows Spidey being a bit broke once again, which is what fans can relate to, be it tension at home, school, or anywhere.

Spidey being a friendly neighbor

Tom Taylor’s writing since the beginning of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is truly perfect because it always shows that Spidey is a friendly neighbor. When seeing a high-speed pursuit, Spidey rushes to stop the car chase, only to find out that the car is being stolen by a homeless dude named Miguel who he knows pretty well.

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Miguel drives pretty recklessly, and there were chances of people getting hurt which Spidey stops. While bringing Miguel out of the car, Spidey holds Miguel’s wrist too tight (super-strength of Spidey) and kind of breaks it. Getting to know the sad story for why Miguel got into this mess, Spidey helps Miguel by taking the car and continuing the high pursuit before webbing the car up to two roofs where the police won’t find him.

A Friend in need is a friend indeed

Spidey is a really good friend, and when he needs his friends, they are there for him as well. As shown in the last four issues, the Human Torch is a great example as is Doctor Strange in this issue. Spider-Man goes to ask for help from Doctor Strange to help fix Miguel’s hand. Spidey is also given a bit of advice by Doctor Strange regarding what he’s going through, which makes for a nice scene. Peter is always by Aunt May’s side no matter what ,and still proves that in this issue by providing support during her chemotherapy.

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Overall, this issue is quite fascinating. It gives us moral lessons such as being there for your friends and families, as well as never letting your anger consume you. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is improving by the issue, and the streak continues here. The issue is filled with emotion, and it’s fun to read.

Score: 10/10