Alfred meets Batman’s dad in new ‘Pennyworth’ teaser

The latest teaser trailer for Pennyworth gives us our first on-screen interaction between the good butler and Thomas Wayne, the man who would birth Batman.

It was around this time last month that EPIX released the first teaser trailer for Pennyworth. For those not in the know, the EPIX channel will be releasing a brand new miniseries based on the DC Comics character, Alfred Pennyworth.

Alfred is best known as the butler to Bruce Wayne – aka Batman – but this new series will serve as an origin story to the good butler’s days as a former soldier fresh out of the Special Air Service. A young Alfred will wiggle his way into the trust of the Wayne family, as he tries to kick-start a security company. From the looks of the new teaser trailer, his first client may very well be a Mr. Thomas Wayne.

When the first teaser trailer dropped, there was no mention of an official release date, but this new one reveals that Pennyworth will be airing first on July 28. The new trailer also gives us our first glimpse at an on-screen encounter between Alfred Pennyworth and Thomas Wayne. Judging from the short clip, the elder patriarch of the Wayne family has a job for Mr. Pennyworth. The meeting of the minds can be seen below in the new teaser:

The new teaser is not much longer than the previous one – the last teaser was just over 15 seconds, while the new one is barely 30 seconds – but it shows enough to get us excited for the show. This new clip delivers classic, British iconography while hinting at an espionage plot in the vain of a James Bond romp. This has all the makings of potentially a very different spin on the DC origin story than we’re used to seeing.

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Again, Pennyworth premieres on EPIX on July 28. Check your local cable provider to see if you carry the station.