The Eternals: Richard Madden joins Marvel’s upcoming film


The Eternals cast continues to grow, as Kevin Feige and director Chloé Zhao adding former Game of Thrones actor and rising star Richard Madden to its roster.

Endgame has everyone shaking in anticipation for what’s next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are a few projects in the works, one of them being The Eternals. And Disney/Marvel isn’t holding on the cast for their upcoming film about the near immortal beings.

Last month, news broke that Angelina Jolie would make her comic book movie debut in The Eternals. It was also reported that Kumail Nanjiani has signed on for a role.

Now, The Wrap is reporting that Richard Madden is in talks to star alongside Jolie and Nanjiani. However, there are currently no definitive reports about what role Madden will play in the film.

The Eternals is rumored to follow the romance between Sersi and Ikaris. With many expecting Jolie to take the lead, it’s not too crazy to think Madden would play Ikaris. Along with a plethora of diverse characters, Ikaris was a name that came up on the character breakdown:

"“Ikaris is often seen in the forefront of the group. He’s known for his brash attitude and cockiness. Of all the Eternals he’s one the mortal enemies of the Deviants.”"

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Fans of Madden remember him as Rob Stark in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. Since leaving GoT, Madden made a name for himself in Hollywood with movies like Cinderella and The Take. He currently stars alongside Keeley Hawes in the crime drama Bodyguard.

It’s about time the former GoT actor got cast in a comic book movie role. His name was often floated around for the role Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film. But it looks like Marvel beat them to the punch.

Madden is unlikely to be the last “big name” to join the cast. Although, there’s likely not an actor whose name causes more intrigue than Jolie. Nanjiani’s mysterious role and that of the recently cast Ma Dong-seok are also interesting.

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With four cast members down, more are sure to come in the near future. Almost everything about production on The Eternals is covert. But we know that Chloé Zhao will be in the director’s chair when the film starts shooting this summer.