The gang gets back together in Age Of Doom No. 10


The Age Of Doom takes us back to the beginning, sort of.

The Black Hammer  universe is without a doubt one of the best things going down in the world of comics today. Between the compelling character arcs and the fantastical yet humanizing artwork, there’s all kinds of adventure and derring-do to be had in what might be Jeff Lemire’s greatest creation. Written by Lemire, with art from Dean Ormston, colors by the great Dave Stewart, letters from the talented Todd Klein and a variant cover by Michel Fiffe, of Copra fame, the latest issue of Age Of Doom finds the Quantum League reunited after being placed in a reality where they never existed, and preparing to once again face the villain that caused all their troubles in the first place.

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Lucy Weber makes things right in Age Of Doom

In the last issue of Age Of Doom, Talky-Walky sought out Lucy and managed to transform her back into the Black Hammer, explaining that they were trapped in a reality where superheroes never existed. This issue starts with TW and Lucy bringing Abraham Slam back into the fold, finding him at his museum job and actually hitting him with Lucy’s hammer to jar him memories. He ends up remembering everything and is a bit prickly about being forced to recall the love that he lost, but joins them just the same. Outside, the sky is red and the weather is bad, conditions that occurred when the Anti-God appeared the first time. They find Golden Gail in a nursing home, seemingly too old to remember how to say her magic word (Gail is a Shazam analogue). They kidnap her and drive away, only to run into Colonel Weird and his spaceship, who takes them to Mars to find Barbalien.

Dark Horse Comics

New Black Hammer finally meets old Black Hammer in Age Of Doom

On Mars, Lucy is forced to battle a forlorn and angry Barbalien to get him to recall his lost memories. Gail is moved by Barbie’s visage, says her word, and transforms back into the foul-mouthed child hero Golden Gail. Just as everyone finally has their memories back, Lucy disappears in a flash of Kirby-esque energy and a bolt of lightning, only to arrive in some kind of great hall with what appears to be the moon, or perhaps some moon, floating in the distance, where she finds her father, sitting on a winged throne, proclaiming how much he has missed her.

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The family reunion shown on the final pages has been years in the making but, somehow, it seems like it won’t be the happy time it’s meant to be. Her disappearance from the team, combined with the strange circumstances surrounding the loss of their memory, finally finding her father and the return of the Anti-God, point to something nefarious waiting in the wings. If the powerful plot threads and the highly sympathetic plights of the characters weren’t enough to draw you into this world, Ormston’s art is top-notch, stunningly depicting action and sorrow in an art style all his own. 9.5/10, highly recommended. Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.