Mazikeen attempts to do the right thing in Lucifer No. 8


Lucifer ups the ante with the addition of witches and Egyptian gods.

People love antiheroes. Bad guys who fight even worse villains have captivated readers’ imaginations for a long time, from Parker to Travis Bickle, Dirty Harry to Han Solo. The most famous antihero, of course, is Lucifer (as long as you’re not very religious, anyways). The First Fallen has had plenty of adventures, detailed in the Sandman universe, eventually getting his own comic series in the ’90s, and that concept being spun into four seasons of a hit television show. He’s back again with a new series from writer Dan Watters, gorgeously illustrated by Sebastian and Max Fiumara (with help from Aaron Campbell), colors from Dave McCaig, and lettering from Steve Wands. This interpretation has seen Lucifer trapped in the mind of Sycorax, the mother of his son, Caliban, and his quest to extricate himself from that unusual prison.

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Guess who’s coming to dinner?…Lucifer, that’s who

At the end of the last issue, Lucifer sent Sycorax and Caliban back to the island his son was borne on, so that Sycorax can live out the sixty hours of life granted to her by Heaven with her son, whom she has missed dearly. This issue opens up with all the witches of the world traveling to that island to see the resurrected mother of witches in all her splendor. Thessaly, who played a part in Dream’s death, back in the original series, demands a sabbath be performed so that the world can remember how powerful magic really is. Caliban steals the moonlight blade Sycorax that Lucifer used to free themselves from her mind and travels to Rome, where angels were seen over the Vatican. Once there, he meets a cherubim who brings him to Heaven where Raguel, the angel of vengeance, offers him a deal to spy on his father in return for entry into Heaven. Meanwhile, Lucifer travels to the Egyptian underworld to meet with that pantheon of gods.

Vertigo Comics

Mazikeen gets screwed over, once again (but at least it wasn’t Lucifer this time)

Back on the island, a demon brings the shovel and lantern from Lucifer’s imprisonment to Mazikeen, who is trying to keep Sycorax safe, per Lucifer’s orders. Thessaly almost convinces the witch-mother to leave the island, but Mazikeen appeals to her maternal nature, warning her that she won’t see Caliban again if she leaves. In the underworld, Lucifer is joined by Caliban, who kills Sobek and joins everyone at a demure feast, the result of humanity forgetting to pray to the Egyptian deities in favor of the Christian god. Caliban shows interest in Thoth, moon god, and Osiris tries to kill Lucifer with an adder. Mazikeen works some demon magic, using her blood to summon the half of her face that isn’t ruined to look for dangers to Sycorax. Unfortunately, she is hit with Lucifer’s shovel by the demon who brought it to her and Kitsune, the nine-tailed fox witch, in an act of sabotage which is sure to have dangerous implications.

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Without a doubt this was the best issue of Lucifer so far, mixing intrigue, witchery, angels and demons together with absolutely stunning artwork from the Fiumara brothers; 9.5/10, highly recommended. Poor Mazikeen, always following orders and always getting the short end of the stick. Will Caliban betray his father for a place in Heaven? Will Lucifer kill Osiris? What ever happened to John Decker? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.