Alien slaves are being hidden in Port of Earth No. 10


High-tension drama unfolds in the latest Port Of Earth.

Most science fiction involving aliens usually depicts them coming to Earth to invade, whether it be to take control of our natural resources, the planet itself, or sometimes to enslave the human race. Port Of Earth has put an intriguing twist on those tropes by bringing aliens to Earth for a business deal; humans get technology that turns water into energy, and an alien Big Business called the Consortium establishes an interstellar trading port off the coast of San Francisco, bringing theoretical prosperity to our planet, along with various alien incidents. Writer Zack Kaplan, artist Andrea Mutti, colorist Jordan Boyd and letterer Troy Peteri have whipped up a thrilling tale of political intrigue and alien mystery, full of stunning visuals and emotional plot lines.

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A scorched-Earth policy is enacted in Port Of Earth

In the last issue of Port Of Earth, the Consortium wanted some intergalactic fugitives found, blaming them for a plague spreading across Seattle, while an Earth Security Agency officer went undercover with the human resistance, who seemed to be harboring those same fugitives. On top of all that, the ESA sent an agent into the Port itself, in direct violation of the contract they made with the Consortium. This issue starts with another interview between a human news anchor and a Consortium spokes-alien, who explains that human’s weak immune systems are to blame for the outbreak in the Northwest, using shifty political language that makes the reader feel like humanity is being hustled. The Consortium demands that Seattle be bombed, in order to flush the fugitives out, and the ESA grudgingly agrees, after evacuating Queen Anne and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Port Of Earth tackles inter-species espionage

Eric McIntyre, an ESA agent who has infiltrated the human resistance under the guise of providing helpful information, is brought to a climate-controlled warehouse where the resistance members reveal that the supposed infectious fugitives are, in fact, alien slaves who escaped and are not diseased. This lets the reader draw the conclusion that the Consortium purposefully infected Seattle, and lied about it, in order to retrieve their space slave cargo, which is.. not cool. The Consortium had recently brought down “security advisers” to assist with the escalating number of alien incidents on Earth, and they seem like they’re building up to an all-out takeover. Meanwhile, the ESA agent who infiltrated the Port of Earth is there to find and retrieve a specific alien, against Consortium policy, and she blatantly enters the off-limits area, finds her target, and is immediately located by Consortium security robots.

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The variety of aliens inside the Port are fantastically drawn by Mutti, and the chaos from aliens breaking the rules outside of the Port is superbly colored by Boyd. The story is really picking up speed now, with cities potentially about to be bombed, alien slaves on the run, and a spy who appears to be caught, which seems destined to spark an extraterrestrial debacle that could cause a total invasion. This is a comic well worth reading; 9/10, highly recommended. Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.