Mordru overpowers Wonder Woman in Justice League Dark No. 11


The Lords of Order are on a rampage and the Justice League Dark can do only two things: run and turn to those that twist the very moral fiber that they hope to protect. Spoilers for Justice League Dark No. 11 follow.

The Lords of Order have given the Justice League Dark and the people of Myrra an ultimatum, give up their magic or die. The only real option they feel like they’re able to do, though, is run from The Lords of Order, so they do. They escape to the ruins of a temple of the first magic users, only to have The Lords of Order immediately follow the Justice League Dark and the people of Myrra.

It turns out, though, that The Lords of Order have already destroyed Myrra, causing the destruction of the population that had escaped due to their magical link to the world. Blue Devil immediately goes to attack, but is turned to stone by Doctor Fate. The rest of the Justice League Dark are ready to attack, before Jason Blood willingly surrenders for an unknown reason.

Image by DC Comics/Art by Alvaro Martinez Bueno

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Wonder Woman and Zatanna, however, are on a search for a way to defeat The Lords of Order, leading to The Hall of Justice, where Lord of Chaos Mordru has set up shop. They enter his bar, only to have a hostile encounter with him immediately begin. Zatanna is horrifically silenced while Mordru and Wonder Woman have a heart to heart. And by heart to heart, that means Mordru consistently threatens Wonder Woman while she doesn’t give in to his threats. Eventually, out of an almost amusement-like feeling, Mordru provides the power that they need to fight The Lords of Order before disappearing.

Justice League Dark continues to be one of the best comics DC is releasing, and the fact that they’re willing to release a horror comic attached to one of their largest franchises is fantastic. James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno craft an excellent, engaging story along with some of the most unsettling horror that very few comics being released right now, except maybe Gideon Falls, is able to accomplish.

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Justice League Dark No. 11 provides a great way forward story-wise for the series, while also delivering the horror that it’s become known for.