Rogue and Gambit Face the Guilds in Mr. And Mrs. X No. 11

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Is an External Just Another Name for a Villain Who Never Stays Dead?

Left with few options and even fewer plans, Gambit makes his way to the Thieves’ Guild headquarters to do… something. By either coincidence or design, he arrives just as guild member Laurent is discussing how the guild moves forward now that Gambit is presumed dead. Once he arrives alive and well, however, Remy sees the guild is eager to make sure those reports weren’t exaggerated after all. With a few explosive cards, Gambit sends many men with trench coats and mohawks flying!

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It seems this was a trap or Gambit has the world’s worst timing, because he quickly learns it isn’t just the Thieves Guild he has to deal with. Candra, the guild’s patron saint, and a member of the seemingly immortal “external” mutants, is present. Having first turned up in 1993’s Gambit No. 1, she has had a rough go of things. She’s been seemingly killed off by Cyclops, Scarlet Spider and Cable on three separate occasions. Yet now, she’s back in the form of a child and angrier than ever about it.

Image by Marvel Comics

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Candra has apparently returned to restore order to the guilds of New Orleans, especially since Gambit has been an absentee leader. In their eyes, he’s been too busy adventuring with the X-Men and marrying his sweetheart. Speaking of marriage, his ex Belladonna and her Assassins Guild are also there. She and Remy were once wed in a previous attempt to unite their guilds, which Remy also botched for them. Now, there is talk of a mysterious ceremony, which Gambit will now take part!

Image by Marvel Comics