Tamaris gets dead and demons rhyme in The Dreaming No. 10


The Dreaming introduces us to a plethora of demonic figures.

Have you ever run into an ex in an uncomfortable setting? Imagine running into your past lover, who is a demon that happens to be guarding the gates of Hell (that you’re trying to pass through), who is now blind, that you ghosted on some time ago, that rides a giant, stinky bear; this is what Dora, the heroine of The Dreaming, is currently going through. Awkward situations like this are par for the course in The Sandman universe. Strangely framed though they may be, time and again do those inconveniences draw strong parallels to what regular, everyday people go through, and perhaps that is the magic that keeps bringing folks back to Neil Gaiman’s fantastic reality. Written by Simon Spurrier, splendidly illustrated by Bilquis Evely, with colors from Mat Lopes and lettering by Simon BowlandThe Dreaming has been a lurid romp through the place all dreams are from, with the latest issue bringing the reader back to that familiar pit of suffering: Hell.

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Rhymers gotta rhyme, and psychotic deities gotta obliterate in The Dreaming

At the end of the last issue, Dora and Matthew were tracking down Dream, which lead them to the gates of Hell, guarded by Balam, with whom Dora was once intimate. Back in the Dreaming, Master Moth, the crazy god currently serving in Morpheus’ place, was learning how to govern from Abel, who killed his brother Cain for the first time. This issue picks up with the insect lord and the murderer, who are discussing the secrets of dreams. To further understand what a story is, Master Moth watches Dora and Matthew’s journey, telling Abel what it witnesses. Matthew speaks to Balam, who has been placed at the gates, blinded, and forced to speak in demonic verse as punishment for trespassing in the Dreaming previously. Balam agrees to take them to the place Dream visited, for a price. Our heroes are tempted with the powers of various demons, and Dora vomits up Faerie food at the smell of one’s breath, which they accept as payment. Back in the Dreaming, Master Moth vaporizes Tamaris, the royal butler, who was only telling his master that visitors had assembled at the palace of Dreaming.

Vertigo Comics

The Dreaming tackles the Ouroboros, Abel’s dead brother, and the World’s End

It turns out that Dream went to Hell to speak with the first serpent, known by many names, but, for convenience’s sake, will be referred to here as Ouroboros. Dream requested an egg, the powers of which are unknown, but shell fragments from its hatching are laying about, suitable for tracking the god of dreams to his current location. Dora has an unpleasant conversation with Balam wherein he tempts her with revenge. But she rises above it and continues on her quest with Matthew, taking them to The World’s End Pub, a magical place where travelers come to tell stories. Master Moth reveals to Abel that Cain, while not dead, is being held by whatever caused the insane deity to be created.

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Effusive praise for the storytelling wouldn’t do it justice, and gushing about the art and how deftly it has been colored, or how perfect the fonts and placement of the lettering is aren’t nearly as effective as just reading it would be. So let it be known that the latest issue of The Dreaming is a solid 9.5/10, and you should go get you some. Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.