The Batman reportedly casts Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon

Matt Reeves’ Batman gives us a look at what expect with the casting of Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon.

There hasn’t been a lot of concrete news coming from Matt Reeves’ The Batman since the casting of Robert Pattinson. With filming possibly set to begin soon, it was only a matter of time before major Batman news hit the web.

Just a few days after Batman Day, THR reports that Jeffrey Wright has in talks to join The Batman as none other than Commissioner Gordon:

“Westworld star Jeffrey Wright is in negotiations to play Commissioner Gordon, the classic ally to the Dark Knight, in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.”

Wright’s casting was also accompanied by the news that Jonah Hill is reportedly in talks to join the superhero film in a villainous role.

The casting of a person of color in the role of James Gordon may not come as major surprise to some. Those who’ve followed the rumors surrounding Reeves’ film know he’s had his sights set on diversifying the cast.

However, unlike  Harvey Dent and Catwoman, the role of Commissioner Gordon hasn’t been portrayed by person of color, ever. Wright replaces J.K. Simmons who last played the role in Justice League.

Wright is immensely talented, with the ability to embody everything comic book fans want in Commissioner Gordon. His résumé includes him taking on roles as Martin Luther King, Muddy Waters, and Colin Powell. If you want to see him in the role of a cop, watch Game Night where he plays an FBI Agent.

What Wright’s casting tells us about Reeves’ film

No one knows which version of James Gordon we’ll get. Will it be before he takes the role of Gotham City’s Police Commissioner? Or will we see Jim Gordon in his prime as the GCPD’s Commissioner? The likely answer is the latter, considering Wright’s age (53).

It seems ideal to have Gordon cemented in his role as Commissioner. In fact, we’re expected to see a rogues gallery of villains in a rumored story arch that sounds a lot like The Long Halloween. Reeves’ story is supposed to take place in the prime of Batman’s career.

With Jeffery Wright also playing The Watcher in Marvel’s What If…?, could we hear him narrate the story of Gotham’s Dark Knight in Reeves’ noir-inspired film? Now that Jim Gordon is Black, does this mean Barbara Gordon will be played by a woman of color, as well?

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So many questions, so little answers. It seems we’ll just have to wait until The Batman hits theaters on June 25, 2021. But despite the uncertainties, one thing that can be said is the casting of Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon just seems right.