The Eternals: Kit Harrington teases his becoming Black Knight

Kit Harington is ready to take on the role of Black Knight in Marvel’s The Eternals.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will welcome a plethora of new characters when The Eternals hits the big screen next fall. One of these fresh faces will be the previously-rumored Dane Whitman (a.k.a. Black Knight), who will be portrayed by Kit Harington. The Game of Thrones alum hasn’t spoken publicly about his upcoming MCU role, but he’s now offering a bit of insight into his character.

During a recent appearance at the NEXT conference, Harington (via talked about joining The Eternals. The actor, who seems excited to be a part of the project, chose his words wisely when talking about the film:

“Now I’m going with a Marvel movie. I’m going on to play a superhero, which is cool. I don’t know what I can say about it, I’m scared to sort of even mention it.”

Harington also mentioned that in taking the role, he’s hoping to further distance himself from the character that made him a household name:

“I’m trying to choose things as far away from Jon Snow as possible, but I’m playing a superhero and he’s got a sword.”

While they are mostly different, there are actually a few similarities between Dane Whitman and Jon Snow. Both are stoic characters how are honor-bound to their respective duties, and they also come from a line of noble and heroic lineage. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of elements in Whitman that will create a change of pace for Harington.

In terms of his exact role, one has to wonder what brings the human Whitman into contact with the millennia-old Eternals. One way he could likely be introduced is through his romance with the character of Sersi, who will be played by Gemma Chan in the film. Ironically, this could bring him into conflict with Sersi’s fellow Eternal and lover, Ikaris, who is being played by Harington’s former GOT co-star Richard Madden.

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His origins may still be unclear, but what can be said is that The Eternals will only be the beginning for Black Knight. The Eternals arrives in theaters on November 6, 2020.