Brandon Routh has wrapped filming on Legends of Tomorrow

It’s a sad in the Arrowverse as Brandon Routh has wrapped his final day of filming for Legends of Tomorrow.

After the announcement that Routh, along with his co-star and wife Courtney Ford, would be leaving Legends of Tomorrow during its upcoming season, it was inevitable that he would wrap on the show. Now, the time as come, as Routh announced it on his Instagram page. In a slideshow gallery, Routh posted several pictures commemorating his time on set as The Atom, as well as the celebration that came with his last day. And so leaves another original member of the Legends, leaving only Dominic Purcell’s Mick Rory, Amy Pemberton’s Gideon, and Caity Lotz’s Sarah Lance.

Routh has been a member of the Arrowverse since 2014 when he was first introduced in Arrow as the man buying Queen Consolidated from Oliver. From there, he transformed into one of the backbones of the Arrowverse by bringing humor and heart in equal amounts to whatever show he’s appeared on. Whether it be Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow or in the various crossovers, Routh’s presence has been a grounding aspect of the universe. He will be missed greatly, but here’s hoping Osiric Chau’s Ryan Choi can fill the void nicely if, in fact, he becomes the new Atom on Legends of Tomorrow.

Other than just portraying The Atom this year in the upcoming crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” Routh will also be reprising the role of Superman, which he previously portrayed in Superman Returns. This version of Superman will be based on the version in the acclaimed Mark Waid/Alex Ross series Kingdom Come. This version is an older, more jaded version of the Man of Steel who has become a reluctant hero.

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Legends of Tomorrow will premiere its sixth season as the final part of Crisis on Infinite Earths on January 14th.