X-Men: Is Marvel Comics hinting at a war between mutants and humans?

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Are the recent X-Men titles teasing a war between mutants and humans?

The new run of X-Men titles has been flawless. Each of the six titles is offering something different. For example, you have Marauders and X-ForceMarauders (a personal favorite) follows the adventures of Kate (don’t call me Kitty) Pryde as she embarks on missions to bring mutants to Krakoa. She’s also the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club. X-Force remains the X-Men’s black ops team, doing the dirty work none of the other X-Men can stomach. These two titles and the other four have something in common: each of them deals with humans hating them. This isn’t a new tale by any means. Mutants have been hated and feared by humans since the very first X-Men comic book. However, it looks the humans are coming after them harder than ever.

In X-Force No. 1, Krakoa was invaded, and Xavier was assassinated. Luckily, there’s a resurrection protocol. Before that, in House of X No. 3, we see a space station near the sun designed to create Sentinels to kill mutants. In MaraudersX-Men, and most recently New Mutants, we see that the need for mutants to be killed or controlled has gotten worse. New mutant-hating factions are popping up all the time. With the way new enemies keep popping up, it appears Marvel Comics is hinting at a war between mutants and humans. Something that’s been teased for decades:

Wait, a war?

The idea of an actual war between the mutants and the humans has been teased for years, and we’ve seen multiple alternate realities where the war actually happened. Most of them end with the destruction of the world or Sentinels taking over. Obviously, this wouldn’t end with the destruction of the Marvel Universe. What’s going to happen is lines are going to be drawn. There have been friends of mutants that are confused by what’s going on with them. In Contagion No. 2 Iron Fist says:

"“We need to bring in the Avengers or… the X-Men…Even if they are acting like a bunch of weirdos right now…”"

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This further demonstrates something that X-Men fans have known for years: no one but mutants truly understand what’s going on. Some heroes like Captain America, T’Challa, and Luke Cage won’t get it. They’ve been in a position where they’ve been looked at as less than and weak. You aren’t going to have heroes fighting this war. Even the heroes who don’t understand are going to fight their friends. So if not the heroes, then who? What group is going to attack the mutants and ruin the Krakoan Utopia? It’ll either be the governments of the world or a few rogue groups that team up. Most likely it’ll be both.

In X-Men No. 4, we see the beginning of this when what was supposed to be a peaceful meeting between world leaders turned violent. One of the leaders planned on having Xavier, Magento, and Apocalypse killed if they didn’t like what they heard. Instead, Cyclops and Gorgon intervened. This was all the proof we needed. Xavier, Magento, and Apocalypse didn’t show up to fight. They came to talk. Yet a weak-minded world leader was prepared to kill if he didn’t get his way.

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This was bound to happen. The mutants are experiencing a time of peace and happiness, unlike anything they’ve had before. This even includes when they were accepted in California. Unfortunately, their happiness never lasts long, and this won’t be an exception. We could be looking at yet another major event happening in 2020. And even if it doesn’t happen in a major Marvel Comics crossover, there is big war coming between the mutants and the humans.

What do you think? Is there a war coming between humans and mutants? Am I wearing a crazy tin foil hat? Let us know in the comments below.