Rumor: The Hulk and Namor film rights may be back at Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WARHulk (Mark Ruffalo)Photo: Film Frame©Marvel Studios 2018
Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WARHulk (Mark Ruffalo)Photo: Film Frame©Marvel Studios 2018 /

According to a new report, Marvel Studios may have regained full control of the Hulk and Namor.

In the years following the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios has reacquired the rights to characters like Daredevil and Blade. The studio, however, has still been unable to retake the full film rights to the Hulk. But this could all be changing if a new report is to be believed.

MCU Cosmic has seemingly learned that Marvel Studios has gained the full rights to the Hulk property from Universal Pictures. In addition, the studio may have also acquired the rights to Prince Namor, also known as the Submariner. While the trade’s source has proven to be reliable, they’ve marked this purely as a rumor.

Nevertheless, there’s plenty of evidence to support the idea that Marvel Studios now has full ownership of one of its marquee characters. The first piece of evidence is the upcoming She-Hulk TV series. She-Hulk is a part of the rights that Universal has long held, which made Marvel’s announcement of the show surprising.

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Mark Ruffalo, who plays both Bruce Banner and the Hulk, recently confirmed that he would be meeting with Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige to discuss the character’s future. The actor even revealed that Feige offered him the chance to pitch his own ideas, which could hint at greater flexibility when it comes to the Green Goliath’s MCU exploits.

Finally, producer Amy Pascal’s new position at Universal could also be a contributing factor. Pascal, who was previously the Chairperson of Sony’s Motion Picture Group, was instrumental in working with Feige to bring Spider-Man to the MCU. With this, it’s entirely possible the two brokered a deal for Hulk as well as Namor, whose rights have been tangled in red tape for years.

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We’ll have to wait and see if this pans out to be true and, if it is, these are two major feathers Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige can add to their cap. And that new solo Hulk film fans have been begging for could finally become a reality.