Gabriel Luna reflects on his time playing Ghost Rider

Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider in MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC/Eric McCandless)
Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider in MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC/Eric McCandless) /

Gabriel Luna looks back on portraying Ghost Rider and opens up about the future of his character.

Gabriel Luna was prepared to continue Robbie Reyes’ journey as Ghost Rider before the character’s solo TV series was shelved. Luna told that he had been up to the task for a while. “I was gearing up for Ghost Rider for some time,” he said. “A few years now, just on hold, waiting.”

With the show no longer moving forward, the character’s live-action future is currently up in the air. And while Luna says the book isn’t completely closed, he seems to have accepted the possibility that his tenure as the hero could be over:

"“So I guess there’s not much hope holding out. I think it’s mainly, I know maybe there’s still couple of pages that are … the binding of the book is not really closed. But for me, personally, I think that, you leave it where it was.”"

Nevertheless, the actor is pleased with his portrayal and takes pride in the fact that Robbie Reyes will be Ghost Rider for a generation of fans. He’s also still optimistic about what’s in store for the Spirit of Vengeance in the future:

"“We put our heart into it and I’m really happy because I think a lot of people, I’m happy that there’s a whole generation of young people, [they know] Ghost Rider is Robbie Reyes. And I think that won’t change, whether we do another show or not. I think that that’s something that’ll always make me very proud. So you just leave that where it is. I’m really excited to see what the future holds and what we’re working on now and see what happens.”"

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Luna first appeared as Robbie Reyes during the fourth season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD in 2016. His take on Reyes struck a chord with fans, which led Marvel Television to greenlight a semi spinoff centered on the character that was to air on Hulu alongside a Helstrom series. The show was intended to be a standalone story with no connections to SHIELD. A few months later, it was reported that the streaming service had decided not to move forward with the project. Helstrom, however, is still in production and is set to air sometime this year.

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Further live-action plans for Ghost Rider haven’t been announced but, after Marvel Studios’ absorption of Marvel TV, any possible series would likely air on Disney Plus. Interestingly, it has been reported that Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige has an interest in bringing some version of Ghost Rider into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.