MCU: Does Marvel need a dark section of their Cinematic Universe?

Marvel's The Punisher.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Marvel's The Punisher.. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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The mature stories

This could be the most important thing on the list. The stories that take place in the Punisher MAX series aren’t for everyone. They deal with things that happen in real life and it’s no overestimation to say that a lot of them would make anyone cry.

One story in particular is Punisher MAX: The Slavers. A series where the Punisher tackles human trafficking. The series also dealt with terrorism, corruption in the U.S. Government, and other topics that Marvel Studios simply wouldn’t explore in their mainstream movies and shows.

We haven’t even gotten into characters like Nicky Cavella, William Rawlins, or the despicable Barracuda. While they’re all vile people, they add to the stories that are being told. Villains who epitomize what it means to be a bad guy – and ones that would definitely make for great antagonists in a mature Marvel Comics series.

In conclusion…

Marvel needs a separate section for their adult content. They’d be doing themselves a disservice by holding back these characters that worked so well on Netflix. Jessica Jones could and should be the one to get this branch going with a revival of the series. Everyone loves her character and her popularity isn’t going to slow down.

However, it shouldn’t just end with the characters we’ve seen on-screen. Jessica Drew, The Hood, and Bullseye would all be capable of carrying their own show.

We know that Moon Knight will be making his way to Disney Plus in the future. The question this writer has is whether or not the Moon Knight we get will be family-friendly or will he be the violent and troubled character that made him popular? Hopefully, the latter. Maybe he will be the one who starts the trend. It’s worked for The Boys. Why not for Marvel?

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What do you think? Does Marvel need a section for darker content? Let us know in the comments below.