Wonder Woman 1984: New trailer gives first look at Cheetah

KRISTEN WIIG as Barbara Minerva WONDER WOMAN 1984
KRISTEN WIIG as Barbara Minerva WONDER WOMAN 1984 /

At DC FanDome, Patty Jenkins dropped an epic new trailer from Wonder Woman 1984. Get a better look at Cheetah, and Steve’s… parachute pants?

The Cheetah is in the house! After Kristen Wiig was cast as Barbara Minerva, aka, Cheetah, many have been wondering how the feline character would look on the big screen. Now we know. During the Wonder Woman 1984 panel at DC FanDome, director Patty Jenkins revealed a new, and need we say, epic, trailer from the film.

There isn’t a DC fan on the planet who isn’t hyped for Wonder Woman 1984. And anticipation is only going through the roof after this trailer. So, what did we learn about this film in the second trailer?

Wonder Woman 1984: What do we see of Cheetah?

Details about the Wonder Woman sequel are still sparse. We know about the Amazon Olympics, the fact that Pedro Pascal’s Max Lord is a Trump pastiche, and that Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is back in Diana Prince’s (Gal Gadot) life.

The second trailer makes a direct connection between Cheetah and Max Lord. Lord appears to be promising all of humanity the chance to be anything they want to be, and Barbara takes him up on the offer.

Cheetah’s powers in Wonder Woman 1984 are revealed for the first time – she’s super-fast and whirls towards Diana in the trailer. But that’s not all. We see Wiig transformed into Cheetah battling Wonder Woman. Even Diana is horrified by what Barbara has done to herself.

Cheetah doesn’t look amazing from the overly dark trailer. The character design is washed out, and the CGI isn’t quite as precise. One can hope that the final product is much more convincing. Many people struggled with Diana’s nemesis in the first film, and there’s a worry that Cheetah may not live up to expectations.

More than the battle and Cheetah’s new look, the trailer makes it obvious that Barbara has a real chip on her shoulder. She seems to be meek and sees herself as an underdog. Why? We don’t know yet. She strives to be more, and there’s something resonant about her desire to break free of invisible shackles she’s placed in. And Diana and Barbara appear to be close friends-turned-enemies. Everyone loves that kind of arc!

Wonder Woman 1984: Steve Trevor’s Back

CHRIS PINE as Steve Trevor in WONDER WOMAN 1984
CHRIS PINE as Steve Trevor in WONDER WOMAN 1984 /

We were all excited to hear that Pine’s Steve Trevor was returning to the sequel. He and Gal Gadot had fantastic chemistry and the characters’ romance brought a lot of emotion to the story.

We don’t know how Steve is alive, but he is a man out of time. The new trailer emphasizes how the filmmakers have flipped Diana’s journey in Wonder Woman for Steve in Wonder Woman 1984. He doesn’t know anything about the 1980s, and Diana must help him fit in, and dress for the part.

In a scene reminiscent of the first film, Steve’s the one trying out new outfits just as Diana was when she left Themyscira. His outfits are vibrant, fluorescent and terrible! Steve remains cocky and confident in his flying skills, but technology may be a hindrance to his success.

During the DC FanDome panel, Pine talked about how his only job on the film was ‘to be in love with Gal, which isn’t hard. And making her giggle.’ From what we’ve seen so far, he’s doing a great job!

The film has embraced some of the humour that balanced the melancholy of the first film, and one can imagine there’s much more that viewers can look forward to.

The release date of Wonder Woman 1984 has yo-yoed for a number of reasons and continues to be in limbo due to the ongoing pandemic. During the film’s panel at DC FanDome, Jenkins reiterated her desire to release the film on the big screens.

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How excited are you about Wonder Woman 1984? Do you like Cheetah’s look? Let us know in the comments.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to release on October 02, 2020.