RIP Norm Spencer: The voice of Cyclops in Fox’s X-Men animated series has died

Fans cosplay as X-men (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
Fans cosplay as X-men (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images) /

Norm Spencer, voice actor and voice of Cyclops in the 1990s X-Men animated show, is dead at 62.

Accomplished voice actor Norm Spencer, who a generation of kids will remember as the commanding voice of the X-Men’s leader Cyclops in the X-Men animated series that aired on Fox Kids during the ’90s has sadly passed away. Spencer was also the one ringing in episodes with the famous soundbite “Previously on X-Men…

The news was picked up by various outlets but was broken on Twitter Monday morning by Spencer’s costar and fellow Canadian voice actor Cal Dodd – who provided the berserker vocal range and rebellious streak to the one and only Wolverine back then.

“Lost my dear friend and cohort Norm Spencer. [What] a sad day,” Dodd tweeted. He added Spencer “was a genuine Character and sweetheart.”

Dodd closed saying he will miss “Cyc” – Wolverine’s pet name for Cyclops – and apologizing for the “‘convertible'” followed by a “see ya later my friend.”

The “‘convertible'” is a reference to a scene in X-Men’s pilot episode, “Night of the Sentinels,” where Wolverine tore apart Cyclops’ car in a rage with his claws.

The team had just returned from a mission to destroy government files on mutants. Overwhelmed by interloping Sentinels, they had to beat a hasty retreat, leaving fallen teammates Morph and Beast behind. Wolverine blamed Cyclops for the decision, confronted him, and then wrecked his ride before storming off.

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After X-Men, Norm Spencer continued as Cyclops in Marvel’s Capcom games starting with X-Men: Children of the Atom. 

He lent his voice to several noteworthy roles thereafter. Spencer was the voice of Billy Blazes on the cartoon Rescue Heroes from 1999 to 2002.

His connection to Marvel carried on as well, voicing Drax the Destroyer in Fox Kids’ fleeting Silver Surfer show.

Spencer also provided additional and background voices on the little-remembered  Ultraforce cartoon that lasted a single season in syndication at the height of X-Men’s popularity.

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Spencer’s work on X-Men and Silver Surfer can be caught up with on Disney Plus.