Comic Books: 5 major moments comic book fans should know about (August)

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Major comic book moments from Marvel and DC Comics that will affect their universes going forward.

There’s no way to keep up with everything that goes on in comic books. There are just way too many comic book titles that come out every week – that’s not to mention the thousands that previously came out. Even if you’re glued to the internet, you may miss a thing or two.

Some moments aren’t that important while others shake their entire universes. We can look at the Superhero Registration Act as an example in the Marvel comic book event Civil War. It caused Spider-Man to reveal his secret identity and even led to the death of Captain America.

August was no different as there were some major moments that are going to have major ramifications going forward. Here are the most notable.

Thor kills Galactus

Comic book: Thor No. 6

You have to start with this moment. Thor turned Galactus into a bomb and used him to kill a being (the Black Winter) so powerful that even Galactus bowed down to him. After killing Galactus, Thor took the dead world eater’s helmet and used it as part of an entrance to the Bifrost Bridge. On top of that, Thor foresaw how he might die. He was shown an image of Thanos with multiple galactic weapons seemingly controlling an army of undead heroes. This shook the God of Thunder to his core.

Why is this important?

The death of Galactus has thrown a galactic wrench into the universe. Entities like him serve a purpose. There will be beings that will use this opportunity to try to rise up. Without Galactus, they won’t be scared to come out of hiding.

Feeling responsible for what happened, Thor will want to put them back in their place. Also, there may be a need for a world eater beyond keeping enemies at bay, so don’t be surprised if Thor has to resurrect Galcatus in order to save the universe some day.

Then there’s the vision. Was it actually a glimpse of the future? Will Thor be felled by a Thanos with more power than we’ve ever seen? Did the Black Winter show him this death as a last jab since Thor killed him? This one issue could have shown us a future Marvel comic book event.