Amazon’s The Boys: 6 things that may happen in the season 2 finale

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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5. Stormfront kills Ryan

In the beginning of the series, people loved Stormfront. All over social media, people were praising how great she was. Meanwhile, fans of the comic were laughing. This writer knew where things were going and thought, “Just wait. The other shoe has to drop at some point.” When it did, fans of the comic collectively said, “I told you so.”

Even after the news of her being a racist came out, people were still shocked. Then we found out she was a Nazi and there you have it. The love was gone. She’s still a great character. Now, she’s the perfect antagonist. What’s next? Easy, she continues to commit unspeakable acts. With that in mind, some are expecting her to kill Homelander’s son Ryan.

It may look like Stormfront wants Ryan to be part of their life, but it’s a front. Ryan isn’t built from the kind of genes that she wants. She wants to raise a kid from the ground up. One that doesn’t seem weak in her eyes. Ryan enjoys art, speaking Spanish, and other things that Stormfront may deem inferior, meaning that she may set him up with what looks like an accident. That leads us to the next section.