Amazon’s The Boys: 6 things that may happen in the season 2 finale

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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4. The death of Stormfront

After Ryan’s possible untimely death, Stormfront will attempt to talk Homelander into having a baby with her or maybe she’ll find out she’s already pregnant. They’ve been going at it like unprotected rabbits. Regardless of how it happens, Stormfront could very well want Ryan out of the way.

If this does happen, Homelander will understandably go berserk when he finds out what really happened and it wouldn’t be shocking if Starlight or Queen Maeve are the ones who tell him how it goes down. Eventually, Homelander is going to confront Stormfront. She’ll defend herself saying that it didn’t happen the way he thinks, but it won’t matter. Homelander won’t believe her and he’ll kill her.


Let’s not forget that Butcher is in this equation as well. In the preview for the season finale of The Boys, Becca comes to Butcher screaming that Stormfront and Homelander took Ryan. Of course Butcher is going to help Becca. At least he’ll say he will. Butcher is going to put a plan together to storm the Vought building and the team will be all in. Little do they know, Butcher will have a plan of his own. He’ll kill Ryan and make it look like Stormfront did it. Anyone who’s been paying attention to the show won’t be shocked that Butcher were capable of such an unspeakable act… especially if it’s in relation to a Supe.