Amazon’s The Boys: 6 things that may happen in the season 2 finale

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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3. A mention of Herogasm

The Boys is known to be an in-your-face comic book and the TV show definitely follows in its footsteps. The action, language, and raunchy scenes make it a project not built for everyone. There are probably even fans of R-rated movies and TV shows that think the series goes too far. We’ve seen everything from a whale bludgeoned with a speedboat to The Deep having relations with a dolphin. This is all completely out there, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Look for the season finale to mention The Boys: Herogasm. Easily their most notorious story arc.

It’s just a theory that Ryan is going to die in the season finale. Even if he doesn’t, The Seven and the rest of the superheroes have been going through a lot – especially with the world finding out that superheroes are a result of Compound V and not a genetic evolution or god. One of two things could happen. The CEO of Vought International Stan Edgar may suggest that it’s time for the heroes to get some time off. Or, it could conveniently be that time of the year.

Last year, The Boys co-creator Eric Kripke said,

"“We JUST figured out how to do Herogasm!! It’ll come in Season 3 maybe (if we get picked up for Season 3). I’ve really wanted to do it, but needed to figure out our twist on it, so it’s not just an hour of hardcore porn. But I think we got it!! Super excited about that.”"

Mentioning it in the series finale could confirm the promise he made.