Marvel: A new Daredevil is on their way to replace Matt Murdock

Photo Credit: Marvel's Daredevil/Netflix
Photo Credit: Marvel's Daredevil/Netflix /

Elektra becomes Daredevil while the Man without Fear is in prison.

In issue No. 24 of Daredevil, the Man without Fear did something no other comic book hero has done: He went to jail under his superhero moniker. Matt accidentally killed a man while on patrol (Daredevil No. 1 by Chip Zdarsky). After months of fighting with himself, he turned himself in. On his first day of court, he accepted a deal. He pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter. With that, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was off to prison.

In issue No. 25, we see Daredevil in his cell while he was visited by his ex-girlfriend and assassin Elektra. She was confused by why he would stay. She said that it was foolish that Matt always needs to be a martyr. However, Matt disagreed. He stood on the idea and said that, “It’ll make the careless ones careful.” Elektra still didn’t understand, but she accepted it.

At the end of the issue, Elektra changes how she viewed Matt’s purpose in life. She becomes the new Daredevil.

Why is Elektra the new Daredevil?

There’s more to the story than Elektra turning over a new leaf though. She needs Matt Murdock’s trust for a couple of reasons. First, she says that she’s tired of living in the darkness. Years of killing people may have taken a toll on her.

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The other is a bit darker. Elektra and Stick found a way to stop The Hand for good. In order to do that, they would need to be the king and queen of The Fist and one of them has to die. Problem is, Daredevil doesn’t trust her. So step one will be tougher to accomplish. For this to work, she needs to gain his faith – becoming Daredevil and protecting Hell’s Kitchen is the first step to gaining it.

Who knows what’s going to happen now. The easy guess is that Matt will trust Elektra and they’ll defeat The Hand. If that happens, one of them will die. As easy as that seems, there’s no way Matt will truly trust her. Especially now that she knows his real name and won’t say how. Knowing Chip Zdarsky, something amazing is going to happen.

Will The Hand actually be defeated? Will Matt Murdock or Elektra die? We’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned.

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