Kevin Feige addresses Spider-Man 3 multiverse rumors

Spider-Man in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: ™ FAR FROM HOME
Spider-Man in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: ™ FAR FROM HOME /

Kevin Feige addressed the multiverse and casting rumours flooding the web, seemingly confirming that the MCU film will take Spidey on a multiverse adventure in Spider-Man 3.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has addressed the casting and plot rumours surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Spider-Man 3.

Tom Holland’s third solo instalment has been rumored to be an adaptation of the Spider-Verse, with many rumours indicating that the Wall-Crawler will be involved in a multiverse-related adventure.

Will Spider-Man 3 introduce the multiverse in the MCU?

In a recent chat with during the WandaVision press event, Feige suggested that the film would in fact take fans into the multiverse.

"“The biggest clue is the title of the second Doctor Strange movie. That’s the biggest clue of where the Multiverse of Madness is taking us and how we’re exploring that… It’s surreal to me that we’re talking about a Spider-Man 3. I worked on a movie called Spider-Man 3 many years ago directed by Mr Sam Raimi. So this clearly, the shorthand of calling it Spider-Man 3 now, it’s fine. We call it Homecoming 3.”"

From the quotation above, it seemingly confirms the film’s plot will indeed be centred around the multiverse, connecting to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, despite the cliffhanger at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. This cliffhanger led fans to believe that the film would be more about Peter Parker trying to clear his name after his identity was revealed and he was accused with murdering Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

However, Feige’s comments and the inclusion of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange into the film’s cast essentially confirms a connection between the Sorcerer Supreme and the Wall-Crawler’s solo outings. Cumberbatch was announced to be starring in the film back in October in a “mentor role that was previously occupied by Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.”

Major rumours have circulated that the film would also bring Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s portrayals of the Wall-Crawler onto the big screen, as villains such as Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock have been confirmed to appear in the third film.

Feige also addressed the rumours surrounding the film, as he gave fans more to speculate about with cryptic comments.

"“The fun thing about online speculation when it comes to our stuff is how sometimes it couldn’t be more off the mark and sometimes it’s shockingly close, and that’s held true for the last few years. But saying which is which would take all the fun out of everything.”"

This answer could merely be Feige teasing fans who are speculating like crazy about the film, however it could also mean that fans have unravelled some of what Marvel is trying to hide. Fan speculation has been correct in some instances, with the casting announcements supporting the unofficial confirmation that a multiverse-spanning storyline will be the driving force of Jon Watts’ third film.

Both WandaVision and Loki have already been confirmed to lead into the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so why not Spider-Man as well?

All signs seem to be pointing towards a Spider-Verse film, which could lead to one of the biggest films in superhero history.

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Are you looking forward to Spider-Man 3? What do you think will happen in it? Do Kevin Feige’s comments suggest the multiverse has arrived? Let us know in the comments below!