Clone Saga: Miles Morales to star in brand new Spider-Man spin-off

Miles Morales: Spider-Man will be seeing double in his Clone Saga event.

There are certain things that are staples when you’re Spider-Man. Among them are the spider-bite, the quips, and losing a loved one. Something else that always seems to come up are clones.

Peter Parker always find himself coming across them. There’s Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker – both of whom never seem to leave for good. And now, it looks like we’re getting another brand new clone story.

According to Marvel’s Twitter account, Miles Morales will be the next Spider-Man to get his own Clone Saga.

The original Clone Saga isn’t something old school Spider-Man fans look back on fondly. It’s become so bad that even Spider-Man makes jokes about it in the comics. As bad as it was, however, Marvel seems to keep going back to it.

In the Ultimate Universe, that universe’s Peter Parker also dealt with his own clones. There was a version of Peter as Scorpion, one aged to be his father Richard, and another that was an exact clone except for one detail: This one was female. She took the name Jessica Drew, became Spider-Woman and later Black Widow.

When Miles first met his universe’s Peter Parker, he thought it was a clone, so he’s no stranger to the concept of Spider-Man having clones.

How was this foreshadowed in Miles Morales: Spider-Man?

In Miles Morales Spider-Man: Ultimatum, Spider-Man dealt with a clone of himself. It ended up becoming a pile of wet clay after he defeated it – a victory that seemed almost too easy. Any fan of comic books knows that an easy victory usually means that something worse is coming. A good guess would be that Miles could end up fighting the people who created the clone of him. As of now, all we have to go on is the short clip on Marvel’s Twitter page and the confirmation that it’s going to happen in April.

Writer Saladin Ahmed has given the world a Miles Morales to be proud of. Miles has been fighting more than just villains. He’s been defending people against bullies without throwing a punch and helping unlikely allies like Rhino find his loved ones. He’s also given us a new fun character by the name of Tiana Toomes a.k.a. Starling. With all of that, there’s no doubt in this writer’s mind that Saladin Ahmed will pen another phenomenal story.

What are your thoughts? Will you be looking forward to Miles Morales getting a Clone Saga? Let us know in the comments below!