Rocket League DC villains enter game as 2021 Haunted Hallows event

Harley Quinn 2, ep. 10 “Dye Hard” Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe
Harley Quinn 2, ep. 10 “Dye Hard” Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe /

A Rocket League DC crossover means iconic DC villains will enter the game as the 2021 Haunted Hallows event, which is a Halloween-themed special event that usually ties into something spooky (last year’s theme was Ghostbusters, for example).

If you aren’t familiar with Rocket League, it’s basically soccer with cars, mixing the sports and racing genres of video games into an insane (but incredible) mashup. There are also modes based on basketball, football and hockey as well.

Other famous pop culture franchises that have had in-game crossovers include Fast and Furious, Hot Wheels, James Bond and Jurassic Park.

This isn’t the first time a Rocket League DC crossover has occurred, as a DC heroes-themed event took place in February 2018, with Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Superman all receiving car-specific paint schemes, while The Flash and Wonder Woman both got car-specific paint schemes and wheels, with the Scarlet Speedster getting a power boost as well. All heroes had player banners of their own as well.

The Rocket League DC villains crossover is a fantastic geeky way to spend Halloween.

The Rocket League DC villains 2021 Haunted Hallows event transforms the Beckwith Park arena into Gotham City, and the power-up-friendly Rumble mode got a DC twist, as the Boxing Glove is turned Joker colors, Harley Quinn‘s hammer replaces the Boot, Poison Ivy‘s vines replace the Grappling Hook, and Mr Freeze‘s freeze ray, well, freezes the ball.

Additionally, special items can be unlocked through the completion of challenges, which will earn Joker and Batman-themed player banners, Batman, Joker and Poison Ivy power boosts, Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze wheels, a Harley topper (her classic jester hat), and car-specific paint schemes for the Joker.

The Item Shop also has the Michael Keaton Batmobile, the Tumbler and the Ben Affleck Batmobile, together with era-specific Bat-Signals as goal explosions, in a bundle for 2000 credits ($20), or individual car-goal explosion packs for 800 credits ($8), while you can also purchase items by themselves if you prefer.

The 2021 Haunted Hallows event will run until November 1.

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