Batwoman season 3 episode 10 spoilers: Are Ryan and Sophie finally together?

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Batwoman -- “Pick Your Poison” -- Image Number: BWN307a_0222r -- Pictured (L-R): Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder and Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore -- Photo: Kailey Schwerman/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

Batwoman season 3 has been continuing to make the case for Ryan and Sophie (Wildmoore) as a couple. The pair’s sizzling chemistry led to some cute flirting and awkward situations for Luke who was still on the comms whenever they broached the unspoken attraction between them.

It seemed like the two women were getting somewhere in episode 5 “A Lesson from Professor Pyg.” They worked together to take down Jada’s deranged chef who was ready to chop them up thanks to his vendetta against the CEO.

However, they hid a bump in the road to romance due to Sophie sleeping with Renee Montoya. Her relationship with Ryan was already in a fragile place because Ryan wouldn’t disclose why she’d suddenly backed off looking into her birth mother’s possible involvement in a series of murders.

Jada’s connection to the Black Gloves Society is directly related to Sophie’s sister, Jordan, nearly dying in an experiment that left her frozen alive. While Ryan believed Jada when she said she had no idea what the society’s members were doing in order to provide her with a means to replicate Freeze’s serum, it wasn’t enough for Sophie.

The cat is out of the bag now. Ryan had been protecting her brother, Marquis, and trying to help Jada put him on ice so they could find a way to reverse the effects of Joker’s joy buzzer which turned Marquis into a sociopath.

But the revelation didn’t patch up Wildmoore’s relationship. Ryan was hurt by Sophie’s one-night stand with Montoya. Yes, due to her feelings for Sophie but also because Montoya had been blackmailing Ryan into helping her find Batman’s trophies which Sophie knew.

Cue endless passive-aggressive jibes from Ryan about Sophie and Montoya’s non-existent relationship which lasted right up until episode 9, “Meet Your Maker,” when the two’s romance made some serious headway.

Are Ryan and Sophie together in Batwoman season 3?

Spoilers ahead of Batwoman season 3 episodes 9 and 10

Ryan clearly wasn’t over Sophie and Montoya’s hook-up in Batwoman season 3’s latest episode. She even added a new layer of petty to her behavior. Her reasoning lied in the fact that Montoya had betrayed them in the midseason premiere, “Trust Destiny.”

The detective had been playing them all along. Her end goal of blackmailing Ryan and conscripting Alice into her service was to find her soulmate, Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy. A decade ago, Montoya had helped Batman put a stop to Ivy’s ecoterrorism by desiccating her body and allowing him to hide her away from sunlight and water so she couldn’t hurt anyone.

It’s a decision Montoya deeply regretted and chose to rectify by waking Pam up when everyone else on Team Bat was busy with other matters. Ryan partly blamed Sophie for what happened and wasn’t shy about making her displeasure known in “Meet Your Maker.”

Tired of the back-and-forth, Sophie confronted Ryan about her hot-and-cold demeanor. Hiding from Ivy in a cabin in the woods probably wouldn’t have been Sophie’s first choice of where to have this conversation, but they needed to talk.

Sophie asked Ryan what she wanted because she’s been getting mixed messages. She also told her that she’s aware they didn’t start off on the best foot considering how she treated Ryan when she was a Crow, but she’s been trying. Sophie even went as far as admitting to Ryan that she quit the Crows because of her.

The conversation left Ryan bewildered and flustered, but she did confess that she doesn’t know what she wants. Thankfully, however, the writers didn’t leave Wildmoore shippers hanging. After Sophie blew up a truck with Ryan still in it as Ryan had ordered her to do, Sophie demanded that she never put her in a situation like that again.

It scared her to rely on Ryan’s assurance that the batsuit would protect her when that wasn’t necessarily guaranteed. The nonchalant way Ryan took the whole thing didn’t help matters either. With all of the stress she’s been under, Ryan even went as far to say that being blown up would have been better than everything else.

In reaction, Sophie kissed her and told her to focus on that instead. Funnily enough, it did seem to work. With a blissed out look on her face, Ryan watched Sophie walk out into the woods, taking charge as she’s prone to do. The caped crusader’s crankiness vanished in thin air and, while it’s likely to come screaming back in episode 10 “Toxic,” it’s not likely to be because of Sophie.

Here’s the synopsis for the episode:

"THE TIES THAT BIND – Batwoman’s (Javicia Leslie) hands are full as she juggles Jada’s (Robin Givens) demands, Mary’s (Nicole Kang) ever-increasing power and a new romantic entanglement. Loyalties are tested and motives come into question as Batwoman races against the clock to once again save the city and those closest to her."

The synopsis alludes to “a new romantic entanglement.” Given episode 9’s developments, that new romance Ryan’s navigating has to be with Sophie. Now that both women are on the same page about their feelings, though they still need to talk about it, Wildmoore fans can likely look forward to more progress in their relationship.

The two were married in The Flash‘s Armageddon crossover. It’s true that that future was manipulated by Barry’s archenemy, Eobard Thawne aka The Reverse Flash, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of marriage for this version of the couple. Though let’s start with a first date and go from there.

Batwoman season 3 episode 10 “Toxic” airs Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. ET. The episode will be available to stream next day on and The CW app.

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