The Flash: Michael Keaton suits up as Batman in jaw-dropping poster

DC fans are super excited at the thought of seeing Michael Keaton don Batman’s cape and cowl again in The Flash and this amazing image highlights why.

When you ask any comic book fan who their favorite Batman may be, there is a pretty strong chance that fan is going to say Michael Keaton.

The veteran actor brought The Dark Knight to the big screen in Tim Burton’s 1989 classic before he returned three years later for the 1992 sequel Batman Returns and it really goes without saying that he gave us the modern day movie Batman we know and love.

He will now reprise the role for the first time in three decades when he returns in DCEU movie The Flash and HBO Max movie Batgirl (movies that care completely separate from the Robert Pattinson-led The Batman). There is a lot of mystery about how he will be returning and in what capacity, but it’s definitely happening and fans are thrilled about it. We caught our first glimpse of that return at DC FanDome during the first teaser trailer for The Flash when we saw the back of his Caped Crusader’s cowl in a truly goosebump-inducing moment.

Some of them are so thrilled, in fact, that they have designed some impressive fan art, envisioning him back in the role. So, in honor of The Flash‘s trailer release, let’s celebrate Batman’s return by looking at this incredible artwork of the Dark Knight himself.

What Michael Keaton might look like as Batman in The Flash

This impressive artwork was produced by digital artist Sonnyfive, who shared the piece on their Instagram account. It features Michael Keaton back in the role of the Caped Crusader, using the poster of Batman Forever as inspiration for that.

And that in itself is a pretty ironic creative choice considering that Forever was once going to be Keaton’s third Batman movie (before he departed) and now, The Flash will be his third time in the role. It also pays tribute to the upcoming film’s new logo, only with The Keaton in place of The Flash.

Is Michael Keaton playing the same Batman in The Flash and Batgirl?

Keaton is expected to play an aged version of his Dark Knight, who crosses paths with Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), after the Scarlet Speedster apparently travels back in time to save his mother and creates an alternate timeline – meaning that the film will apparently be inspired by the Flashpoint arc in the comics.

The much-anticipated movie began production in London back in April and set photos that surfaced in June gave us our first look at him in action. Looking at those images, it’s safe to say that he still looks great as the man who would be Bat.

But Keaton’s legendary Caped Crusader isn’t the only major character to appear in the blockbuster DCEU movie as Ben Affleck is reprising his role as the DCEU’s Batman and Sasha Calle will join in on the action as Supergirl makes her DCEU debut.

Are you looking forward to seeing Michael Keaton return as Batman in The Flash? Did you enjoy the DC FanDome trailer? Let us know in the comments below!