The X-Men fan-cast that needs to happen in the MCU

X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox. /
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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 07: Bryan Cranston attends a special screening of Miramax’s “Confess, Fletch” at The West Hollywood EDITION on September 07, 2022 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Paramount Worldwide) /

Bryan Cranston as Mister Sinister

It never made sense that Fox didn’t capitalize on the sheer epic villain that was Mister Sinister. Deadpool teased us, and The New Mutants told us that Mister Sinister existed. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the X-Men’s most dangerous threat not named Apocolypse.

The immortal geneticist would have made for a fantastic yet haunting and dark villain that looms in the background. His destruction of the X-Men in the comics started with a methodical plot that led to the Mutant Massacre. He also has also a direct link to Apocalypse and has an obsession with Cyclops. Wolverine was another mutant who ran into Sinister hundreds of years before the X-Men were born. Because of the deep history, layered plans, and being the looming threat, Sinister deserves to have the Thanos treatment in the X-Men universe. One way or another, Nathaniel Essex needs to make his debut on the big screen in the MCU.

Bryan Cranston is the man for the role. He’s spoken about playing a unique comic book character. For years, he’s been rumored to play the role of Sinister. Whether it’s true or not, the MCU could make it happen. Fans of Breaking Bad know that Cranston can be “the danger.” Cranston can play the sympathetic version of a man who struggled to balance his work and life. After his wife’s death, he becomes the villain we know as Mister Sinister.

Michael Shannon would be another great option for the role.