The MCU should introduce the X-Men in an anthology series

Photo: Marvel Future Fight X-Men PHOENIX FIVE Uniforms.. Image Courtesy Netmarble Corp., Marvel Entertainment
Photo: Marvel Future Fight X-Men PHOENIX FIVE Uniforms.. Image Courtesy Netmarble Corp., Marvel Entertainment /
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Before Professor X’s X-Men make their big-screen debut, the young mutants should get an anthology-like series on Disney Plus after a few Mutants make their MCU debut on the big screen.

We’ve waited for Kevin Feige to introduce the X-Men into the MCU since the Fox/Disney merger happened. It’s been a while, and nothing’s happened. Comic-Con and D23 have come and gone, and still no news on when the X-Men will make their MCU debut. Fiege likely understands how important the X-Men is to Marvel and its fans. Fans know that the X-Men is a universe all its own with layered history and 100s of characters.

Introducing them will take time and careful planning, given how they provide a different element that didn’t exist in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe before mutants. Ms. Marvel gave fans our first mutant in the MCU, but she doesn’t have the X-gene.

At the moment, there aren’t any humans with said gene. Though, in the comics, the gene existed for millenniums thanks to the Celestial being Oneg the Prober. Given the MCU establishing the Celestials, the base of the mutant gene is there. Everyone wants the X-Men in the MCU — which makes sense. We’ve seen the rumors about the “Mutants,” however, they shouldn’t debut the X-Men team just yet. Fiege should take a different route with bringing the Mutant to the big screen.

Introducing the Mutants on the big screen in the MCU

Scarlet Witch is alive and well. For this writer, Scarlet Witch should be the catalyst for introducing the Mutants into the MCU. If done correctly, she could bring the mutants to the foreground as a leader of sorts, along with her father, Magneto. They could make their big screen debut as an anti-villain group that strikes fear in the hearts of those who opposed mutants. By their side would be Mastermind, a Quicksilver variant, Toad, and Astra. Philosophical disagreements could divide the group.

Needing help, Scarlet Witch could seek out an old friend of her father’s. Maybe Nick Fury could do it for her. Either way, Professor X could make his MCU debut and help Scarlet Witch defeat the Brotherhood. Consequently, the Brotherhood damages the reputations of all mutants. Professor X decides to find a group of young heroes to restore its reputation.

Given the vast gallery of X-Men and their backstories, introducing them one by one in a single movie wouldn’t work either. Fans should get to know their heroes before they make their big-screen debut. A post-credit scene should set up Mister Sinister. It makes sense to use the immortal generic physicist as the main villain for the X-Men universe. He has ties to Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean, and many others. He can have a direct or indirect handprint on every X-Men storyline until his reveal. Before that happens, Professor X is on a mission to repair the mutant’s reputation, which sets the stage for the Fiege X-Men anthology-like series.

Don’t expect to see Storm or Wolverine on this list since neither was part of the original team. Storm should have her own movie, and Wolverine should get his introduction on the big screen. After his debut, he could have his own Disney series that dives into his many lives. The same goes for Gambit, who should make his debut on the big screen as part of the Mutant Massacre story, which leads to Sinister. This is all about the original five mutants recruited by Professor X.