The Batman 2: Megan Fox stuns as Poison Ivy in jaw-dropping image

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 27: Megan Fox attends "Machine Gun Kelly's Life In Pink" New York Premiere on June 27, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 27: Megan Fox attends "Machine Gun Kelly's Life In Pink" New York Premiere on June 27, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage) /

Fans are eager to see Poison Ivy enter the live-action DCEU and this stunning art makes a compelling argument for why Megan Fox should play her.

Ever since it was confirmed a sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been greenlit following its successful run at the box office, fans have been eager to learn which iconic Batman villains could be introduced as the foil to the follow-up project.

After the first film in Reeves’ franchise opted to focus on villains who hadn’t been featured in a live-action Batman movie in more than a decade, the hope has been that the sequel would follow suit. As such, there has been a lot of speculation over which characters could be featured in the film.

While it’s likely we could see The Joker featured in the project, there is a lot of hope that the film could bring in new iterations of characters who haven’t been seen on the big screen for some time. This has led many to question whether we could see characters such as Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, and more featured in the film.

Another character who has emerged as a frontrunner among fans is Poison Ivy, a character not utilized in a live-action Batman film since Uma Thurman played her in 1997’s Batman & RobinPoison Ivy is long due for a return to the big screen and a role in the sequel to The Batman would be a fitting project to bring the character into the mix.

As for who should play her? There are many names who have been tossed around with the latest name to emerge being an actress who is no stranger to blockbuster franchises.

What Megan Fox could look like as Poison Ivy

Inspired by a desire to see Poison Ivy return to the big screen via a live-action project, digital artist Jaxson Derr has debuted a stunning piece of concept art that envisions Megan Fox in the iconic role of Poison Ivy.

In the new concept art, Fox is transformed into DC’s iconic villain complete with her signature red hair and shrouded in plant life which is often incorporated into the character’s look. Tying the look together is the subtle makeup applied which includes the character’s vibrant red lipstick-adorned lips and green-hued skin tones.

The concept art is one that has turned heads with many quickly chiming in to share their support for why Fox would be perfect in the role.

“I honestly can’t see anyone being better as Poison Ivy than Fox. She’d kill that role!” commented one user. “This is a must cast,” echoed another.

Is Megan Fox playing Poison Ivy in The Batman 2?

At this time, the sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batman is in the very early days of development. Because of this, there has not been any news connected to the film released just yet, including details about the film’s plot or what villains Robert Pattinson’s Batman might face. As such, there has been no confirmation regarding whether Poison Ivy will be in the film or who will be playing her.

While Fox is not currently attached to the role of Poison Ivy or any Marvel or DC role, the actress has expressed an interest in appearing in a major superhero film.

In a 2021 profile with the Washington Post, Fox revealed that she’d love to do a Marvel or DC Comics film. Her interest stems from her history of reading comic books and graphic novels while growing up, something that has led many actors to the MCU and DCEU over the years.

Should DC come calling, there’s definitely an argument for why she’d be perfect in the role of Poison Ivy as evident in the above fan art. However, we’re sure she’d be amazing in the role of any hero or villain the DC team could find for her to play!

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Would you like to see Megan Fox play Poison Ivy in a live-action DC project such as the sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batman? If not Poison Ivy, what comic book role do you think Fox would be perfect for? Sound off in the comments below!