Deadpool 3: Channing Tatum stuns as Gambit in jaw-dropping image

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 31: Channing Tatum attends âThe Lost City❠UK screening in London, England on March 31, 2022. (Photo by Loredana Sangiuliano/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 31: Channing Tatum attends âThe Lost City❠UK screening in London, England on March 31, 2022. (Photo by Loredana Sangiuliano/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) /

Channing Tatum has long been connected to the character of Gambit and thanks to this incredible new image we finally get the chance to see what he could look like in the role. 

The X-Men might not be making their formal debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the foreseeable future, but Marvel has been gradually bringing characters from the beloved franchise into the mix.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness welcomed the first appearance of an iconic X-Men character with Professor X’s guest role, but it’ll be Deadpool 3 that will open the floodgates for the biggest wave of X-Men characters thus far.

While it still remains to be seen how Deadpool 3 will fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, we do know the film is going to be set in the MCU. Not only do we know the film is set in the MCU, but it will also bring with it the MCU debuts of several iconic X-Men characters including Deadpool and Wolverine.

It now seems there could be another iconic X-Men character who will be entering the MCU via Deadpool 3 with rumors swirling that Gambit could be involved in the film. Moreso, the rumors seem to suggest it could be Channing Tatum who suits up as the beloved X-Men hero. Thanks to an incredible piece of fan art, we now have a chance to see just what Tatum could look like in the role should Marvel indeed come calling.

What Channing Tatum could look like as Gambit in Deadpool 3

With rumors swirling that Channing Tatum could make his formal debut as Gambit in Deadpool 3, Digital artist Josh “” has offered up a stunning piece of concept art envisioning Tatum in the role of Gambit.

In the jaw-dropping new art, Tatum is transformed into the beloved X-Men hero complete with his signature brown and purple ensemble. Bringing the look together is the incorporation of one of Gambit’s signature playing cards which he often uses to channel his kinetic energy.

While the look might simply be concept art at this time, it does a flawless job of helping to provide us with a glimpse of what Tatum could look like in the role and we have to admit we definitely love what we’re seeing!

Is Channing Tatum going to play Gamit in Deadpool 3?

As Marvel fans will recall, Channing Tatum was attached to play the role of Gambit in a standalone film for several years. A Gambit standalone film was greenlit by 20th Century Fox in 2016, but the film was later scrapped in 2019 following Disney’s acquisition of the studio and it seemed like we would never get to see Tatum in the role. However, new rumors suggest Marvel might have other plans in place.

According to reports from Marvel insider DanielRPK via FandomWire, Tatum is apparently being eyed for a role in Deadpool 3 with the running assumption being that Tatum could be playing Gambit. Although nothing has been confirmed by Marvel Studios, there seem to also be whispers of Ryan Reynolds having a desire to bring Tatum into the mix which seems to suggest something could indeed be in the works — after all, Reynolds is responsible for getting Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine. 

In addition to rumors of Tatum being on Marvel’s radar, Tatum has continued to express an interest in playing Gambit on the big screen suggesting he’d definitely be up for playing the character if Marvel presented him with the opportunity to do so.

Speaking with Variety earlier this year, Tatum confessed that he would “love to play Gambit” if the opportunity ever presented itself again. Considering he was a driving force in the original project at 20th Century Fox, we definitely imagine Tatum would jump at the opportunity to play the role. Let’s just hope the rumors turn out to be more than rumors, as we’d love to see Tatum suit up as Gambit in Deadpool 3. 

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Would you like to still see Channing Tatum play Gambit? If not Tatum, who would you like to see play Gambit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?