Doom Patrol season 4 part 2 is not coming to HBO Max in May 2023

Doom Patrol season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Doom Patrol season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

Titans might be coming to an end in May, but Doom Patrol will not be returning directly on the heels of Titans’ finale. 

Considering that Titans is set to come to an end this May with the release of its final two episodes, many fans had anticipated the Doom Patrol would be right behind them. However, it seems the wait for the final episodes of HBO Max’s hit superhero series will continue beyond the month of May.

HBO Max has confirmed its May 2023 lineup and Doom Patrol season 4 part 2 was noticeably missing from the month’s release calendar. The move has left many fans surprised as the assumption was that Doom Patrol would return the week after Titans signed off with its series finale.

As fans will recall, Doom Patrol season 4 part 1 premiered exactly one week after Titans season 4 aired its midseason finale. Because of this, the running assumption was that Doom Patrol season 4 part 2 would premiere the week after Titans season 4 part 2 comes to a close on May 11. Instead, it seems that HBO Max will be putting more space between the two show’s final episodes which means we’ll likely be waiting until summer for the final episodes of season 4.

How many episodes of Doom Patrol are left?

Like Titans, Doom Patrol season 4 consists of a total of 12 episodes. The first six episodes of the season aired in late 2022 with the midseason finale airing on January 5, 2023. This means there are six more episodes of the show left before the series signs off the air for good with its series finale.

It remains to be seen how HBO Max will choose to roll out the show’s final six episodes but there is a strong possibility we’ll see a two-episode premiere with new episodes released weekly after.

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