All 13 Batman TV shows ranked from worst to best

Photo: Gotham: The Final Season. Image Courtesy FOX
Photo: Gotham: The Final Season. Image Courtesy FOX /
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12. Batwoman

When Batwoman premiered in 2019, fans were excited to see a new take on the iconic superhero. And while the show may not have made the cut as one of the top Batman TV shows, it still has a loyal fan base who love the show for its compelling characters, intriguing storylines, and powerful themes.

One reason why fans love Batwoman is the show’s focus on representation. The series features a lesbian superhero in the lead role, played by Ruby Rose in the first season and Javicia Leslie in the second. This representation is important to many fans who have been waiting to see themselves represented on screen, and the show has been praised for its handling of LGBTQ+ issues.

Make no mistake about it, Batwoman’s strong female characters helped the show immensely. From Kate Kane (Rose) to Ryan Wilder (Leslie) to Alice (Rachel Skarsten), the show features complex and multifaceted female characters who are more than just love interests or sidekicks. These characters are given agency and their own storylines, which is refreshing to see in a superhero show.

However, the show did face some challenges, particularly when Ruby Rose left the show after the first season. Fans were disappointed to see her go, but Javicia Leslie’s character, Ryan Wilder, stepped up and took the torch. Leslie’s performance as Batwoman has been praised by fans and critics alike, and her addition to the show has breathed new life into the series.