All 5 Evil Dead movies ranked worst to best

Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead.. Image Courtesy Matt Klitscher/STARZ
Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead.. Image Courtesy Matt Klitscher/STARZ /
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3. Army of Darkness

Trapped in time. Surrounded by Evil. Low on gas. From that tagline alone you know what you are in for when you get the third installment of the Evil Dead franchise. The first real studio version of the ultra-violent, ultra-fun horror franchise.

Originally titled EVIL DEAD III: Army of Darkness, Universal felt that people wouldn’t recognize the name Evil Dead despite it having a huge cult following, and being overwhelmingly acclaimed by critics and fans alike. Army of Darkness is more of a dark fantasy horror comedy as opposed to the horror or horror comedy that was given on offer with the first two.

Ash is trapped in the middle ages and he has to find the Necronomicon to get his way home. As things happen for Ash, he screws up and awakens the army of darkness and has to battle them before he can head back to the modern age.

This is way more of a Three Stooges-style slapstick film that stands out from the rest of the franchise, especially in the blood department. With only one giant gusher near the beginning of the film. Bruce Campbell does more of his trademark physical acting and has an amazing delivery while holding the entire film on his shoulders.

It’s not the best in the franchise, but it’s also not the worst. So right here in the middle may be the absolute best place for it.