Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Map size and 5 other details revealed

Marvel's Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games
Marvel's Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games /
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Marvel’s Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games /

Details are starting to emerge about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as we get closer to its release date, so it’s time we break down every new piece of information.

After two years of complete silence, PlayStation and Insomniac Games are finally starting to reveal more about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. First and foremost, a gameplay video was released featuring a first look at the symbiote suit along with brand-new mechanics. Now, thanks to an interview with Eurogamer and Famitsu, we learned how big is the game map and how exactly you’ll be able to switch between different Spider-Men.

While these two bits of information are incredibly exciting, they are just the tip of the iceberg (a very cool iceberg, if I may say). The game’s creative director Bryan Intihar and the game director Ryan Smith talked about everything we saw in the gameplay video and expanded on many juicy details. Not only that, but they also discussed new gameplay mechanics that were not present in the 12-minute reveal, such as the game’s skill tree. So without further ado, let’s break down everything we were able to learn from these interviews.

New York will be twice as big

Video game sequels usually go hand-to-hand with a bigger map. It doesn’t matter if that’s accomplished by introducing a new world for players to explore or by expanding on the original game’s playground. There’s always the need for innovation in sequels. Fortunately, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 won’t be the exception to this rule, as revealed by Bryan Intihar:

"“We’ve added Queens and Brooklyn this time, so roughly speaking the map size is about two times larger than the previous titles. Since these two areas are somewhat smaller and residential, I think you’ll find them different from Manhattan. We’ve prepared some unexpected situations we haven’t done before, like a battle on the river between two of the cities, so I hope you’ll look forward to them.”"

Swinging across Manhattan’s skyline was a highlight in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Nothing compared to the feeling of climbing a skyscraper, watching its breathtaking view from the top, and then diving down at high speeds just to swing at the very last second before touching the ground. However, exploring the city that never sleeps will be a completely different experience this time around. Queens and Brooklyn are mostly residential areas, meaning they won’t have many tall buildings for players to swing from. So how will traversal work in this case?

Insomniac has added the option to glide across the sky thanks to Peter’s and Miles’ underarm webbing. This will be the perfect way to travel when there aren’t any buildings around from which you can gain altitude and shoot your web to. It remains to be seen if there will be any other methods of transportation, such as using your web to perch onto a vehicle and slide through the ground. Nonetheless, it appears Insomniac is preparing some “unexpected situations” for players to experience in these new sections of the map, and we can’t wait to discover what those are.