Arrow: Every character ranked from worst to best

Arrow -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW
Arrow -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW /
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31. Damien Darhk

When it comes to villains, there is something about Damien Darhk that makes him stand out from the crowd. While that has a lot to do with Neal McDonough, who portrays Darhk as part of the Arrowverse, it also has to do with the way he was written.

As the villain of season 4 of Arrow, Damien Darhk definitely left a lasting impact on the series. And whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is certainly up for debate. While I personally like Darhk over on Legends of Tomorrow better, he wouldn’t have made it to that series if he hadn’t been so impressive in his initial appearances on The CW.

Here is a villain who is both charismatic and mystical. He is responsible for a major character death, and he changed the way many people viewed the series (both bad and good). And while some people may not appreciate him as a villain on Arrow, he truly had an impact on the show as a whole.

It wouldn’t be right to ignore the fact that Darhk made such an impact on the series and that’s why he has to make the list of top 30 characters to ever cross our screens in Arrow. (But of course, it is also important to acknowledge the fact that he may not have been the best villain the series ever dealt with, which is also why he is so low on the overall totem pole here.)