Arrow: Every character ranked from worst to best

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29. Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific

When it comes to important members of the Arrow team, I admit that Curtis Holt is definitely one of them. And yes, he is definitely one of those characters who was well liked by the fans. That being said, after four seasons, it always felt like Echo Kellum was being underutilized, especially considering how much material they had to work with (just look at his romantic relationships).

It is hard to rank Curtis Holt any higher in this list because while I genuinely enjoyed the actor and his work, it is also important to look at how the character had an impact on the series as a whole. I’ll admit, I really feel like the character started to shine when he took on the mantle of Mr. Terrific, and that is absolutely why he hits at number 28 on this list.

As Mr. Terrific, it felt like Curtis was finally coming into his own as a member of the team, and yet even then it just felt like the show didn’t really know what to do with him. This was a character who had a lot of the same skills as Felicity Smoak (which was in some ways part of why he didn’t succeed as a character in his own right), while also being extremely likeable. An added bonus was that Curtis offered up humor in a series that often felt like it needed some lightness.

Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific definitely had an impact on Arrow and the rest of the Arrowverse (in some small ways), but he never developed to the level of a Roy Harper, Felicity, or even John Diggle, even though he absolutely should have.