Arrow: Every character ranked from worst to best

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28. Emiko Adachi

It wouldn’t be a DC comic based series if there wasn’t secret siblings somewhere in the wings. And Arrow is no exception, which is why Emiko Adachi, also known as Emiko Queen, has to be included in a list of characters who have made an impact on the series.

Emiko is Oliver’s paternal half-sister, and while she was in many ways a villain, there were certainly plenty of times when she showed how heroic she could be. And while everything seemed to fall apart for her and led to her eventual death, there was something about Emiko that shined.

However, while Emiko was actually quite an interesting foil for Oliver and his team, the problem is that the show didn’t really give the character enough time to develop. Sea Shimooka, who played Emiko, did a brilliant job of showing the world that she could be a credible threat to Arrow and the team, but a single season (with a few extra episodes thrown in for good measure) was simply not enough to make her have the impact she deserved.

The problem with Emiko Adachi is that she didn’t make it into the series until the seventh season, which didn’t exactly give the show a lot of time to utilize the character to her fullest potential (although they definitely tried). With the series wrapping up after eight seasons, there just wasn’t enough time to really let her story and her character build to what it could have been. And that is saying something because Emiko definitely made an impact. (Can you imagine if they had given her more than a single season and some change to mess with Oliver and the team?)