X-Men: 7 actresses we want to see play Shadowcat in the MCU

Men Marvel comic book (Photo Illustration by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Men Marvel comic book (Photo Illustration by Mario Tama/Getty Images) /
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With the X-Men finally being brought into the MCU, it’s time for a new era of super stories with characters like Shadowcat finally getting a chance to shine.

Now that the X-Men are truly part of the MCU, there are a lot of options for future storylines and movies. And this includes telling the story of Shadowcat, a mutant who has even been described as one of the most powerful in all of the Marvel comics.

As far as X-Men go, Shadowcat has always been a favorite for a lot of reasons. In the comics, she has actually carried a lot of monikers, including the names Ariel, Sprite, Star-Lord (Star-Lady), and Captain Kate Pryde. And considering her evolution in the comics, there are so many variables when it comes to actually bringing this character to life on our screens.

While we have certainly had the pleasure of seeing Shadowcat brought to life in the past, most notably by Elliot Page in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past, there is so much more to explore with this superhero. And in order to explore this hero, we need new actresses to step into this role.

So who exactly are we picturing for the next Shadowcat? Which actresses do we think could embody one of the most powerful X-Men around? We have some ideas, six to be exact.

Here are six actresses that we believe could be a perfect fit, not only as part of the MCU, but also in taking on the role of Shadowcat and making her shine.