5 The Last of Us video game characters we’d bring back from the dead (and 3 we wouldn’t)

The Last of Us. Image courtesy HBO
The Last of Us. Image courtesy HBO /
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The Last of Us games are set in an unrelenting world that doesn’t hesitate to take lives away. So it’s time to look at 5 characters we’d bring back from the dead (and 3 more that we wouldn’t).

(Warning: heavy spoilers to follow for The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part ll)

When talking about iconic video games, it’s impossible to not mention The Last of Us. Ellie and Joel’s adventure took the world by storm back in 2013, and it changed the way people look at the video game industry as a whole.

Naughty Dog crafted an intense but heartfelt experience that proved deep narratives are not only present within books or movies but behind a controller as well. However, part of the reason the game’s story managed to be so impactful is due to its tragic nature. Anyone who has played through it knows that you have to be prepared for the worst.

The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a fungal parasite known as the Cordyceps has taken over the minds of millions of people. As a result, zombie-like creatures freely roam the streets looking for any victim to kill or infect.

On top of all, most of the remaining survivors were divided into opposing factions that tended to clash with each other, leaving many bodies behind. No one is ever truly safe with those harsh circumstances, and that was definitely established throughout The Last of Us and its sequel: The Last of Us Part ll.

Many fan-favorite characters bit the dust sooner than expected, and while those deaths were in favor of the game’s narrative, sometimes we can’t help but want to turn back time and revert them. So it’s time we look at five The Last of Us characters we would bring back from the dead, and three more that we wouldn’t (even if given the opportunity to save them).