Invincible season 2: Every difference between the comic and the show (S2E4)

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Invincible – Episode 102 – “Here Goes Nothing” — Pictured (L-R): Zachary Quinto (Robot), Jason Mantzoukas (Rex Splode), Gillian Jacobs (Atom Eve), Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson), Melise (Dupli-Kate) — Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Invincible season 2 shocked fans with its midseason finale but it also featured some changes from the source material. Did they work?

The mid-season finale of Invincible season 2 left fans with a cliffhanger. Nolan (Omni-Man) and Mark (Invincible) met for the first time since their fight (the season 1 finale). If that wasn’t emotional enough, Nolan surprised his son with a new wife and son. Before they could catch up, they were attacked by Viltrumites.

After the fight, Nolan is left with his back broken and taken by the VIltrumites. His last message to Mark was for him to read his books.

Like most of the TV series, there were switches from the comic book series. For example, Thula battles during the fight on planet Thraxa. This is major because she had a long and evolved life in the comics. This wasn’t the only switch from the source material.

Coming up are the five most important changes during the Invincible mid-season finale.

*** WARNING! Possible spoilers for the rest of the series are coming up. ***

5. Eve vs Killcannon

Killcanon attempted to steal Robot’s tech from the Teen Team’s base. He didn’t know that Atom Eve was staying there, which leads to them fighting. In the end, tons of people are hurt and put in danger.

None of this happened in the comics.

First, by the time Mark went to planet Thraxa in the comics, Eve was helping people in Africa. Second, Eve and Killcanon didn’t have a fight like this while Mark was gone. Lastly, after her battle, Eve went home to her parents. She doesn’t see her parents again until the alternate reality Marks show up. It’s especially weird considering how she feels about her father.

Pay close attention to what’s next for Atom Eve. If Allen can die, maybe she and Mark aren’t destined to be together.