11 unanswered Once Upon a Time questions we wish the show addressed

From the origins of the storybook to who in the world Lily's father is, these are the lingering mysteries we're still thinking about.

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The fact that hit fairytale series Once Upon a Time had so many characters, plot lines, and stories, there was bound to be some unanswered questions left. There was so much to keep track of. Add magic into the mix, and you'll get a real headache trying to put everything together!

There's so many wonderful moments on OUAT, and we got answers and unique backstories for most of the characters. Though, there's a few questions we still have even though the show ended in 2018. Below, we shared 11 unanswered questions we still have from Once Upon a Time.

What are the origins of the storybook?

So we get some backstory about the authors and the origins of The Dark One, but how the very first storybook came to be is never explained. We do learn that Isaac was the Author before Henry, tasked with documenting what happens in the Enchanted Forest. Though when he started abusing his powers, Merlin asked the Sorcerer's Apprentice to trap Isaac in his storybook. So I'm assuming Merlin is the one who originated the books. But that's not made 100% clear. And what's really the point of having the storybooks? This could have been an interesting plot point to explore.

What did Regina do with all the hearts in her crypt?

Regina goes on a redemption arc and we see her turn good, which is great! It takes a while, but she gets there. Though one unanswered question we have is what did she do with all the people's hearts she has in her crypt? In the first season with Graham looking for his heart, we learn that Regina has many of them stored at the Mills Mausoleum. In season 2, Whale breaks in and steals a heart bringing Daniel "back to life." But after that, the heart vault isn't mentioned again. Whose hearts are these and why were they never returned? As part of her redemption arc, it would have been nice to see Regina give those hearts back to their unfortunate owners.