8 things nobody wants to admit about Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon a Time was, and still is, a unique series! There really isn't anything like it around with the way it mixed the fairytale world with the real world. The closest production would be the Enchanted movies starring Amy Adams. But still, OUAT really stands out, and it's not surprising that the fairytale show still has a loyal fanbase to this day.

From great couples to character deaths, a lot happened during the series' run. And even us loyal fans can admit that not everything in OUAT was perfect. And that comes with any show. There's things you like and things you don't. We shared 8 things nobody wants to admit about Once Upon a Time below.

Assaults and age gaps were never addressed

For a series that’s supposed to mostly be a family show, there were quite a few plot lines that definitely weren't appropriate for a younger audience. And even if it wasn’t targeted towards them, one thing OUAT dropped the ball on is the use of assault for some of its storylines. And unfortunately, it was multiple instances. First is the whole Regina and Graham situation. This was so messed up on so many levels. She took his heart and forced him to sleep with her for years, back in the Enchanted Forest and in Storybrooke before crushing his heart. And no one ever found out about it, which Graham didn't deserve.

Second, the fact that Neal was an adult and quite a few years older than Emma, who was only 17 years old at the time they were together and Henry was conceived, is very uncomfortable. Then comes Zelena. Robin thought he was being intimate with his wife, Marian, who Zelena was disguised as. And then she gets pregnant. Call it what you want. But it is assault because Robin didn't know the true person he was with.

That’s why as much as I love Rebecca Mader, I think Zelena should have died in season 3. The Wicked Witch storyline was so great in the third season, but the character just became unnecessary and it was like living in a soap opera. The story didn't work. The whole thing about taking Marian’s place, even if it ended up being the real one, was not a plot line that needed to happen. Outlaw Queen was great and did not need that kind of conflict, thank you very much.

Finally, not learning from their mistakes, the writers repeated this similar assault in season 7 between Gothel, disguised as Rapunzel, and Wish Hook. He didn't know who he was truly bedding. And like Zelena, Gothel becomes pregnant to get out of the tower.While I think the Wish Hook and Alice relationship was beautiful, he could have had a daughter a different way. What's bad is that the series just glosses over these events and doesn't address them. They were there to add shock value, but it's not a good look.