9 new comic books to watch out for this week (July 2 and 3)

From Marvel’s Blood Hunt and DC Comics’ Batman to Image’s Energon Universe and Dynamite Comics’ Thundercats, these nine comic book releases are must-reads this week.
Origin of Space Ghost
Origin of Space Ghost / Variant Comics

The week is always better when you have comic books to read, and this week is no different. There aren’t a lot of new releases to look out for this week. However, the ones that will come out are important.

Well-known characters like Batman and Spider-Man have issues that will affect their universes. Then you have a comic from Image Comics' Energon Universe and a solo series from one of the Thundercats published by Dynamite Comics. There's a lot going on, even with less releases.

Let’s begin with what could be the most important comic book of the week.

Absolute Power No. 1

  • Writer: Mark Waid 
  • Artist: Dan Mora 

This is the moment DC Comics fans have been waiting for. Amanda Waller’s year-long plan finally bears fruit. We’ll finally learn how she made this happen, which will reveals characters are on her side, and what Waller’s endgame is. I fully expect this to be one of the best comic books of the year.

Batman No. 150

  • Writer: Chip Zdarsk
  • Artists: Jorge Jiménez and Denys CowanJorge Jiménez and Denys Cowan

During the conclusion of Batman: Gotham War, a random henchman discovers Batman’s identity. And according to the promotion for this issue, this information is for sale. Plus, a story tying into Absolute Power. What more do you need going into a monumental 150th issue of Batman?

Wonder Woman #11 José Luis García-López Artist Spotlight Variant. Image courtesy DC Comics /

Wonder Woman (2023-) Vol. 1: Outlaw

  • Writer: Tom King
  • Artists: Daniel Sampere and  Belén Ortega

This isn’t a new issue, but it should be mentioned. People may have waited for volume 1 to drop before checking out Tom King’s soon-to-be classic Wonder Woman story. If you haven’t kept up with it, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon, and here’s where you should start. 

X-Men: Blood Hunt: Psylocke

  • Writer: Steve Foxe
  • Artist: Lynne Yoshii

The one-shot comic books for Blood Hunt have been good and that trend will continue. Steve Foxe is a brilliant writer who will make Psylocke look fantastic fighting vampires. We should expect a lot of fighting, dead vampires, and a closer look at Psylocke’s personality.

Space Ghost Vol. 1 No. 3

  • Writer: David Pepose 
  • Artist: Jonathan Lau

The first two issues of Space Ghost have been nothing but action and intergalactic science-fiction inside a fun and sad origin. Even if these characters aren't something you’re as familiar with, this is a story worth checking out. It’s a new Space Ghost story for the people who do and don’t know the classic characters.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual (2024) No. 1 (Infinity Watch)

  • Writer: Derek Landy
  • Artist: Ron Lim

Infinity Watch began with Thanos Annual No. 1 and will continue with Amazing Spider-Man Annual. After the Death Stone has resurrected Phil Coulson, who knows what to expect going forward? If you’re going to read this series, this is a must-read.

Black Panther: Blood Hunt No. 3


  • Writer: Cheryl Lynn Eaton
  • Artist: Farid Karami

Not enough people talk about how good Black Panther: Blood Hunt has been. It’s been a reminder that T’Challa’s will is one of the strongest in comic books. Despite being infected by the first vampire Varnae (revealed in Blood Hunt No. 4), Black Panther fought against Varnae's mind control and won. This issue will show how that happened.

Thundercats: Cheetara Vol. 1 No. 1

  • Writer: Soo Lee 
  • Artist: Domenico Carbone

There’s a reason that Cheetara was the first of the Thundercats' new series to get a solo story. She’s awesome. Thundercats No. 5 showed her wisdom and skills and her solo series should highlight how that came to be.

The Life Of Wolverine No. 1

  • Writer: Cheryl Lynn Eaton
  • Artist: Farid Karami

The life of Wolverine was a mystery for decades. Then, Marvel started releasing bits and pieces to the world. Now, fans can read it in chronological order. According to ComiXology, on top of the stories we know, there are never-revealed tales too.

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What comic books are you looking forward to reading? Were there any that were left off this list? Let us know on the Bam Smack Pow Instagram and Twitter.