DC Comics Absolute Power trailer reveals the Justice League's fate

DC Comics Absolute Power trailer shows the metahumans losing their powers, Amanda Waller's Amazo Justice League, and more. Here are the moments you may have missed and important things to watch during DC's upcoming event.
Absolute Power | Comic Trailer | DC
Absolute Power | Comic Trailer | DC / DC

The DC Comics summer event Absolute Power is almost here. It's scheduled to begin on July 2, 2024, and after almost a year of teasing (read the end of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths), a trailer was finally released. Thankfully, the wait was worth it. The preview didn’t disappoint (you can watch it below).

There’s a lot to see here. Superman is shot and the bullets go through him, the Fortress of Solitude is on fire, and Amanda Waller has Failsafe (Batman left it after defeating Zur-En-Arrh). And we can’t forget that Brainiac Queen is working with Waller. Those are the basic things, but the trailer gets deeper.

Amanda Waller's "Justice League"

Amanda Waller has always hated meta-humans but she was never against using them. Taskforce X/Suicide Squad is an example of that. According to the trailer, Waller has taken things a step further. She got herself a Justice League of Amazos (Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Batman/Failsafe)

As promised, Absolute Power will remove superhuman abilities from everyone. However, the law of conservation of energy says that energy is neither created nor destroyed. The metahuman powers may have been transferred to Waller’s Amazo Justice League. This may have started in Titans No. 1.

A woman named Vanadia always wanted to be a superhero. More importantly, she wanted to be a Titan. When the opportunity for powers came, she jumped on it. Too bad she was Amanda Waller’s guinea pig. Vanadia appears to be one of the first steps in creating her team.

What other Amazos are there?

Amanda Waller making an Amazo Justice League is smart. They have all of their counterparts' powers and are completely under her control (until Brainiac Queen likely betrays her). If you blinked, you may have missed the Bizarro robot in the trailer. It's a small but significant moment.

Does this mean there are more Amazos other than the Justice League? It would make sense. Waller wouldn't limit herself to just the popular and powerful superheroes. If this event takes everyone’s powers, we’ll see all sorts of different Amazos. That may include magic users like Constantine and Zatanna.

What DC heroes will be okay?

Batman warned his team for years not to rely on their powers. Some of them knew this and practiced without them. Others were too arrogant to listen to Bruce Wayne. This series will highlight why heroes and villains should have relied more on their natural abilities rather than their metahuman ones.

Certain characters will be okay. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are warriors who trained for decades. Superman spent time in Warworld without powers and became a better fighter. He’s even good with a sword. Military members like Hal Jordan and John Stewart know how to fight and strategize. And of course, the Bat Family will be more than fine. We should expect them to lead the charge. 

There’s more to this than fighting though. The Flash, Cyborg, and the Rogues are fine. They have skills that will help so they may not be needed in the field. However, someone like Martian Manhunter who’s always had powers may be a liability. Although, like Starfire, J'onn J'onzz was enslaved and fought back. His knowledge of leading a rebellion will be crucial. So he can’t be counted out.

Lastly, images have shown some of the heroes with tech suits. That could be the work of Mr. Terrific and Steel. They could come up with ways to simulate their friends’ powers. It won’t be on the same level, but it’s better than nothing. 

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