Absolute Power: Ground Zero explains Amanda Waller's team and her possible downfall

DC Comics Absolute Power begins with a one-shot comic book. This is where readers learn how Amanda Waller gets Failsafe and Brainiac Queen under her control.
Absolute Power | Comic Trailer | DC
Absolute Power | Comic Trailer | DC / DC

Before the beginning of DC Comics summer event Absolute Power, a one-shot titled Absolute Power: Ground Zero has been published. In this issue, DC explains some things readers need to know before the crossover starts. Among them are how Amanda Waller got Failsafe, her Amazo Justice League, and Brainiac Queen under her control.

It also showed how her actions may lead to her eventual downfall.

Amanda Waller’s Amazo’s

  • Comic book: Absolute Power: Ground Zero
  • Writers: Chip Zdarsky and Mark Waid
  • Artist: Patricio Delpeche

DC Comics didn’t waste time getting into their summer event, Absolute Power. During Absolute Power: Ground Zero, Amanda Waller resurrects a character named John Starr (Time Commander). After threatening him, she tells Starr to use his Hour Glass to fix Batman’s destroyed Failsafe (that happened in Batman No. 148).

After Starr sees a glimpse of the future, Starr knows he can’t do what Waller asks and attempts to travel back in time. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping. Waller has something (or someone) that won’t allow anyone to time travel within her building. With no hope, Starr fixes Failsafe. He asks Waller if that’s all she needs. Waller says no and tells him to fix six more robots. Those robots are the Amazos we’ve seen in the Absolute Power trailers and sneak previews.

Dreamer's patience

  • Comic book: Absolute Power: Ground Zero
  • Writers: Nicole Maines and Mark Waid
  • Artist: Skylar Patridge

Amanda Waller tells Nia Nal (Dreamer) that if she doesn’t do what she's told, she’ll kill her family. It goes without saying that Amanda Waller is the worst, but kidnapping innocent people and threatening to kill them should be against everything she stands for. Waller claims metahumans are the problem, but she’s proving two things: One, that she doesn't care about anything but vengeance for her family and that the name of this event (Absolute Power) is appropriately named because it is corrupting her.

Little does Waller know that Dreamer hasn’t given up. She says Waller thinks she’s safe behind her blackmail and hostages, but she’s not. Waller is either a fool or too arrogant to think she can get one over on a precog. We’ll look back at this moment at the end of the Absolute Power.

How Waller got her Brainiac

  • Comic book: Absolute Power: Ground Zero
  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Artist: Gleb Melnikov

Brainiac Queen working with Amanda Waller seemed weird. Why would someone with Brainiac’s intelligence work with or for Waller? It's easy - when Brainiac Queen’s memories are erased she can be manipulated (find out how that happened at the end of House of Brainiac). Now we know how far she’d go to achieve her plans.

While 24 hours passed in the real world, Amanda Waller spent 20 in her and Brainiac Queen’s minds. Waller used that time to raise Brainiac Queen from a child and make her into the killer and brilliant robot she needed. However, this will backfire. Waller may be called The Wall, but she’s not made out of stone. She will see Brainiac Queen as a daughter and act irrationally. This could end up being her downfall.

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