An Invincible video game is coming and here are seven things we need from the game

With an Invincible video game on the way, there are certain things gamers and fans of the show and comic book want to see. These are the seven most important. 
Invincible season 2
Invincible season 2 /

A comic book character’s popularity is difficult to judge, but there are signs. Among them is having their own show or video game. Invincible has a popular TV show adaptation on Amazon Prime Video and now it is coming for the video game medium.

As reported by IGN, “Skybound Entertainment has announced a crowdfunding campaign to develop a new game set in the Invincible universe.” Shocking to no one, the campaign has already surpassed its goal of $50,000, raising over $450,000. That means Invincible will likely be coming to a console near you.

Since this news was recently reported, the storyline, characters, and more haven’t yet been revealed. That leaves fans of video games and Invincible to wonder what the game could be. Certainly, there are things people will want to see. Here are the ones at the top of the list.

Freedom to roam

Replay value is one of the most important parts of a video game. Without it, people will complete the game and never look back. This could be why PlayStation’s Spider-Man is so popular. Even after the game is over there are missions to complete and criminals to web up around New York. Invincible has something Spider-Man doesn’t do by going around the universe.

Cecil has a teleporter that lets him move people around the world. Viltrumites like Mark and Omni-Man can fly at supersonic speeds. Both of these should be options in a video game. It will allow players to see different parts of Earth and beyond. With the Image comic book having such amazing landscapes, there's an opportunity to make this one of the most beautiful-looking games ever. 

Different playable characters

There are a plethora of interesting characters in Ininvible’s universe. Each has a particular set of skills and abilities and different personalities. This would give players different looks throughout the game. Whether you prefer the stoicism of Robot or the goofiness of Shapesmith, you'd have multiple options.

It doesn’t have to be a one-choice thing. A different hero could be used for certain missions. For example, if you need to be stealthy, someone like Rex wouldn’t be a good option. However, Atom Even or Shrinking Rae are.

Are you good or evil?

Amazon Prime’s Invincible has shown different versions of Mark Grayson (read Invincible: Invincible War) for that story). In most of them, he's evil. Why not allow players to let Invincible fulfil his Viltrumite destiny or something different? If gamers can become one of the many Invincibles seen throughout the multiverse, they’ll be more inclined to buy and replay the game.

There are moments throughout the source material and show where Mark could have been different. Now you can choose how. This is an extra incentive for comic book fans. Some may not purchase the game since they know how the story ends. Being able to alter things means something unseen by even the most versed of Invincible fans. They'll want the option to experience that change.

Create your own character

Creating a video game character has always been a popular aspect of video games. It’s the closest thing people get to experiencing winning a Super Bowl or being an NBA champion. Making a character in Invincible would allow players to become heroes, vigilantes, or villains.

It’s more than just picking out your moves and power-set. What faction would you join? Do you join the Mauler Twins for the love of Science? Are you going to try and take over the world with the Lizard League? Imagine conquering planets with the Viltrumites. All of this could be possible.

Different costumes

Everyone loves when a superhero changes up their suit, or even has a multitude of different suits!

Seeing the same colors of a character's outfit for an entire campaign could get tiresome, so it would be pretty cool if an Invinicble game introduced different suits. This is why alternate costumes have become standard for many video games. From Spider-Man to Tomb Raider, different outfits are a popular part of many video games. There's no reason to think this would change with Invincible.

The right creative team will bring different and unique uniform styles. Some of them will be brand new to all Invincible fans.

Fighting game

It’s easy to think that this would be an adventure game. However, a Mortal Kombat fighting game is an option as well. Putting Omni-Man in Mortal Kombat 1 could have been a way to see how he’d look on this platform. Who knows; the success of his appearance may have sparked the video game idea.

Besides the obvious stars of Invincible, it’s easy to think of twelve playable characters to choose from. A fighting game with characters released little by little is an option and possibly cheaper than an adventure or RPG.

Either way, fans would love to see their favorite heroes and antagonists battle it out in a video game.

Creative violence

This may seem like something small, but it isn’t. Invincible - both the show and comic book - is known for having blood and deaths throughout. It's shockingly creative in its its approach, so it should go without saying that the vode game should follow suit on that front too.

Taking that away would remove something that people want and expect. A creative team will add things never done on any previous platform. The latter might be a tall feat, but it would be worth it. 

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