Batman: All 11 animated Batsuits ranked from worst to best

Batman has had many looks over the years, but which animated series had the best Batsuit?
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5]
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5] / Batman: The Animated Series
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You can't beat the Batsuit. Of all Batman's arsenal, it might just be his most effective weapon; not because it can take out opponents (although some versions of it certainly can), but because it it is capable of striking fear into his enemies' hearts, defeating them before any physical confrontation begins.

The Dark Knight has worn many Batsuits over the years, with his choice of attire being a focal point of some of his earlier DC comic book storylines. The Batsuit itself reached a whole new level of cool when it was adapted into live-action, appearing in various movies and TV shows over the years; evolving with the times and becoming more fearsome too.

One thing we don't talk about enough is how epic Bruce Wayne's Batsuit looked in animation. Since the very first animated Batman series, the Caped Crusader has donned many cowls through his multiple animated TV shows and movies over the years.

Today, we're here to talk about the shows as they may tell his greatest adventures. With that, let's look back at Batman's many animated TV shows and explore each of the Batsuits he wore in them, finding out which one(s) are truly the best Batsuit of them all.