Charles Xavier is a traitor as the dead rise in X-Men: Rise of the Powers of X

Charles Xavier betrays humanity, but he could be up to something. Meanwhile, X-Men are being resurrected to join the fight on Earth.
FALL OF X | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
FALL OF X | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Everyone laughed when Kitty Pryde said, “Professor Xavier is a jerk” in Marvel Comics' Uncanny X-Men No. 168. At that moment, he was being a jerk. However, Kitty was a teenager and wasn't taken seriously. As the years pass, however, her statement becomes more and more truthful. The X-Men: Fall of X series continues to prove how right she was.

In Rise of the Powers of X No. 3 (written by Kieron Gillen), Charles Xavier kills Rachel Grey. In Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X No. 4, Xavier joins Orchis. He plans to work with the murderous artificial intelligence to help them kill humans. Their collaboration will allow the A.I. to let mutants live.

As Xavier does what the Omega Sentinel tells him, she mocks him. She says the surviving mutants will be in a cage. She also taunts him by asking if he wants to know how many people he’s killed. As disappointing as Xavier’s treachery is, there’s more to it.

During Rise of the Powers of X No. 3, Charles gives young Moira MacTaggert a message. He hopes she’ll make the right decision when things get bad. We don’t know what he said, but it’s probably why Xavier is working with the A.I. More will be revealed in the conclusion to Rise of the Powers of X and Fall of the House of X.

More X-Men are coming to help

While the remaining X-Men on Earth have been fighting back, hundreds of mutants are in the White Hot Room on Krakoa’s Atlantic Island. Among them are the group that can bring back dead mutants, The Five. Among the resurrected mutants is Mr. Sinister. With his help the mutants that can fight leave the White Hot Room to join the allies on Earth.

That’s not all. Jean Grey’s body was laid to rest. They hope she’ll rise from the ashes like she’s done so many times. The problem is Mother Righteous tells Dominion about the X-Men’s plan. Even though there is a Phoenix comic book starring Jean Grey on the horizon, there’s no guarantee she’ll return during X-Men: Fall of X. It could happen after the battle between the X-Men and the A.I. is over. However, it would be weird for Marvel not to use the X-Men's biggest gun against Orchis.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out if that happens.

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